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Here Are All Your C8 Corvette Updates

C8 Corvette Convertible
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The 2020 model year Corvette has, in short, not had the easiest life from a production standpoint. Over the fall, the UAW strike pushed back production, setting the timeline back by over a month. And just as things got up and running smoothly, COVID-19 shut down auto plants across the nation. For the 2020 Corvette, this resulted in a shorter seven month production timeline, orders being halted early and cut by around 20%, and even seemed to put the 2020 model year convertible at risk. Now, with the nation reopening and Corvette production starting back up, reports are indicating how GM will finish up the first year of their groundbreaking mid-engined sports car. If you’re a fan of the convertible version, be sure to read on.

C8 Corvette Stingray

Most importantly, as we all know, the 2020 Corvette is going to be a rare vehicle. Although not all of them appear to be spoken for. According to Cars Direct, there may only be some 30 Corvettes available on dealer lots right now. That number is likely to increase, though, as the Bowling Green Daily News reports the 2020 Corvette is expected to resume production on Tuesday, May 26. It will resume as part of GM’s “Cadenced Restart” approach to slowly getting plants back up and running. While many of the vehicles yet to be built are going out to customer orders, some will still likely be dealership allocated models.

The best news comes from CorvetteBlogger, where they claim the 2020 Corvette Convertible is back on track for 2020. Previous reports suggested the convertible would be pushed ahead to the 2021 model year, but now it appears it will begin production the week of July 20. The 2021 Corvette’s official order guide is expected to surface soon.

Based on an earlier version of the same report, it was initially thought that C8 Convertible production was expected to start July 13, but that’s another false timeline.

C8 Corvette Convertible
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As for total 2020 Corvette production, CorvetteBlogger also reports that the 2020 model will be built until the end of October. Previously, the next model year, the 2021 Corvette, was supposed to start at the beginning of September. It has been understood that the 2020 Corvette would only get seven months of production this year, and the two month COVID-19 shutdown would have cut it to five months if they didn’t extend production. Although there are some customers that will have to get bumped to the 2021 Corvette production schedule.

Overall, these reports show there’s light at then end of the long, dark tunnel that has been 2020 Corvette production. Most 2020 orders (after the order reduction a few months ago) should be fulfilled, and now the Convertible model is back on track for owners to put the top down in the nice summer weather ahead.

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