2020 Corvette Rear End Leaked

For Once It’s Not A Rendering

2020 Corvette C8 Rear End

Excitement for the 2020 Corvette C8 is boiling over, as its July 18th debut is right around the corner. Unfortunately, somebody is already ruining the surprise. Though, visually, it’s not like there’s much more left to the imagination. The prototypes sporting a leopard-spotted camouflage are barely covering things up at this point, and with “7-18-19” decals on the door panels, GM stopped keeping this thing a secret for months now. Still – there’s the butt. In blue. Elkhart Lake Blue, to be exact.

We basically already knew what it looks like.

Muscle Cars & Trucks found the leaked photo on a private Facebook group page. However, it has spread like wildfire all over to various corners of the automotive internet at the time of this writing. The rear tail lamps appear to evolve from the design of the C7 Corvette, while the exhaust tips move out to the sides to make room for a rear diffuser. Additionally, several other Chevrolet passenger cars feature a similar rear light pattern, such as the Chevrolet Malibu.

The mid-engined 2020 Corvette was spied at the Nurburgring last week, with development engineers pushing the limits of the upcoming American sports car. The screenshot above shows showcases the rear fascia pretty clearly, and it doesn’t take much to realize that image of the uncovered rear end of the C8 Corvette is the real deal.

There hasn’t been as much anticipation for a new General Motors vehicle since perhaps the C7 Corvette in 2013. As it was then, a trickling spigot of leaks have manifested themselves throughout the development cycle of the C8 2020 Corvette. From the discovery of the ‘Zora’ trademark filing in 2014, to several blockbuster stories from veteran automotive journalist Don Sherman fleshing out several details of how GM is indeed finally going to build a mid-engine Corvette. Some of us believed it, many of us didn’t. It seemed too far-reaching at the time. But thankfully now, with the un-ending trail of bread crumbs, there’s no doubt what’s coming.

Look for the new Corvette to blast off in T-minus 10 days.

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