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The 2022 Bronco Is Looking Like The One To Get

Screenshot from Bronco Nation via Instagram

The 2021 Ford Bronco is beyond a doubt the most anticipated vehicle of the year. We’ve been waiting decades for it to come back, and have to wait for the summer to see deliveries actually begin. And unfortunately, certain hardtop models are being pushed back to 2022. At the time, Ford told us the 2022 Bronco would be getting new special editions, and we assumed they would be limited to the Warthog and Heritage Edition. Now, our sources are telling us there are considerably more 2022 Bronco models coming. Here’s all the information you need to know…

Update: Yes, this is an April Fools Day story. In other words, Yosemite Sam isn’t coming to a Bronco near you.

Starting at the bottom, we have the Ford Bronco Blue Square. This model is designed to slot beneath the existing Black Diamond model, and is geared towards novice off roaders. Ford is swapping out the aux switches on the dashboard for a large, blue square button that alerts local search and rescue of your current location. The Bronco Blue Square will also come with reinforced side steps and skid plates to allow helicopters to pick up the vehicle without damaging it. Finally, it’ll come with a built-in off-road coach, in the same voice as Bryan Cranston, the man who does the Bronco commercials.

2021 Ford Bronco Black Diamond
2021 Bronco Black Diamond

Next up is the Ford Bronco Sassafras package, which sits alongside the carryover Sasquatch package. It’s not a trim level, and can be added to any model. Unfortunately, we can’t uncover what this package actually gives, so leave your predictions in the comments below. The Bronco Warthog is also getting an exclusive Armadillo package. It will pack dent and scratch proof body panels, and the tires will be virtually impossible to puncture. Perfect for rock crawling, the Warthog’s specialty.

One of the more exciting models is the 2022 Ford Bronco Yosemite Sam. Ford made a big deal about each Bronco coming with a unique grille design, and this model will be no different. The grille will be modeled in shape and color after Yosemite Sam’s mustache. Just like the Bronco Badlands, this Bronco will be very off-road focused, and come with an extremely powerful winch designed to assist Bronco owners wishing to rock crawl El Capitan. Finally, it’ll come with a large tan hat instead of the roof, helping Ford navigate their roof supplier issues with Webasto.

The final model joining the lineup is the Ford Bronco Country Club, which Ford expects to be their most popular model, as it’s not designed to go off-road at all. The Country Club is even more premium than the Outer Banks, with softer suspension, an upgraded sound system, and extra room for golf clubs and children.

In reality, it’s not a Bronco at all, and is actually Ford Edge, but looks identical to the Badlands model so dads everywhere won’t be embarrassed by their neighbor who bought the real thing.

Sadly, we don’t have images of any of these models just yet, with it only being April 1. But the 2022 Ford Bronco might just be worth waiting for with the Heritage Edition, Warthog, Blue Square, Yosemite Sam and Country Club all joining the lineup.

2023 2024 Ford Bronco Raptor Warthog Teaser Spy Photo Prototype

Written by Sam Krahn

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