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The Star Of The Show Will Be Dodge’s Finale Muscle Car For The Outgoing LX Platform

Dodge Last Call Event
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At this point, it’s clear that the final Dodge “Last Call” special-edition model reveal will be the highlight of the event transpiring on March 20, 2023, in Las Vegas. However, there will still be plenty of other things to do and enjoy for the day-long event, including drag racing, thrill rides, simulators, and much more. The occasion? To debut the grand finale of Dodge’s outgoing LX platform muscle cars – something that’s sure to be set for the record books.

Dodge “Last Call” Festival Schedule: Details

Dodge has just released a full schedule for the event, which will start at noon Pacific Time, the moment the event begins, there will be plenty for people to enjoy. This event will be filled with the roar of engines, with drag races, thrill rides, and simulators, a display of cruise-in vehicles, exhibition runs, and concessions. Unfortunately, we suspect that with all of this, many will lose track of time. Before they know it, 5 PM will roll around, bringing a conclusion to the drag races, replaced by an award ceremony.

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At 6 PM, the Dodge “Last Call” event will begin, while all of the other activities that have transpired throughout the day will come to an end. In addition, there will be a special post-reveal performance by Grammy-winning EDM superstar Diplo. Finally, at 9 PM, the event will conclude, giving people in Vegas plenty of time to walk the strip or gamble a little before bed. If they choose to sleep at all.

The Dodge Last Call Powered by Roadkill Nights even in Las Vegas will commemorate the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger by unleashing the seventh and final special-edition model. This will be the final Hemi-engined powered model released by Dodge before the end of 2023 when the cars will no longer feature the legendary engine. Six Dodge, Last Call models, have already been introduced: the Dodge Challenger Shakedown, Dodge Charger Super Bee, Dodge Challenger and Charger Scat Pack Swinger, Dodge Charger King Daytona, and Dodge Challenger Black Ghost.

Dodge has launched a new Horsepower Locator online tool to help Brotherhood of Muscle members make the “Last Call” for the model of their choice, giving some transparency to try and reduce dealer greed. However, such things still happen with special-edition models. All 2023 Dodge Charger and Challenger models will carry a special commemorative “Last Call” underhood plaque.

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