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Both Vehicles Serve As Examples Of What Hoonigan Is Capable Of

Hoonigan Drag Race Ford F-150 Lightning Hellcat Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

Hoonigan has cemented its reputation as a fire keeper for the car community. And while they’re usually in the shop cooking up some wild SEMA Show builds, every now and then they take them to the drag strip to test them out, even if they’re not really meant for it. In their latest episode of “This or That” on YouTube the team positions a Hellcat-swapped 1966 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, also known as “Slay Poupon” against their “Ford Frightening” F-150 Lightning Fast and Furious tribute truck.

The video starts by explaining the differences between the two vehicles. The Hoonigan Silver Shadow was upgraded from its base 200 horsepower V8 it came with in its heyday according to Hagerty, to a modern day sleeper equipped with American muscle under the hood. Thanks to a 6.2L V8 Hellcat crate motor and Magnuson 2650 supercharger, Slay Poupon puts out a whopping 900 horsepower. Slay Poupon was also equipped with a Borla Switchfire exhaust adding a demonic sound to its tire slaying abilities.

Hoonigan Rolls Royce

In the other lane, the “Ford Frightening” F-150 Lightning started its life as a simple F-150 work truck, has been updated with a turbocharged 2JZ GTE motor, the same kind that was found in Brian’s Supra in the original Fast and Furious movie. The engine produces 700 horsepower. That’s a big step up from the 5.4L V8 fed Lightning that Brian used in the movie, that pushed out 360 horsepower stock. The collectable pickup truck was also equipped with drag radial tires for a presumed edge in the race that took place on an airstrip in Santa Margarita California.

Both vehicles feature a 6-speed transmission and rear-wheel drive. Both vehicles also weighed about the same although the Rolls Royce technically weighed less than the F-150 by only 12 pounds. Hoonigan’s Hert and Suppy took their respective places behind the wheel for the multi-run showdown where the F-150 was simply no match for the Rolls Royce, even after an attempt to switch driver’s, things went downhill for the F-150 fast, however in true Hoonigan fashion the video ends with all parties involved smiling and doing donuts.

Written by Cody U.


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