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Including the Bronco, F-150 and Mustang

2020 Ford GT
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This year is slated to be a big one for Blue Oval, as years of investment and development on upcoming models like the Ford Bronco and F-150 pickup come to a close as production nears. We have known about these model’s timelines for a while now, but a report by Motor1 might give us a look at Ford’s future plans for several of our favorite models moving forward. Including the mighty Ford Mustang.

The information came to Motor1 by way of a source close to the publication, and as such we cannot verify its validity at this time. Automakers aren’t too keen on sharing information about future products, so it’s unlikely that Ford would own up to any of the plans regardless. The source’s claims give a more detailed timeline for the upcoming batch of Ford trucks, including the Bronco, as well as information about the future of the Mustang.

Fords Bronco R Racing Prototype. Photo Courtesy of Ford.

The Ford Bronco is the most anticipated vehicle of 2020, but it appears that buyers will not actually take delivery of their reborn off-roaders this year. The report states that despite being unveiled this spring, Bronco production won’t begin until December 7th. This means that the SUV won’t be reaching customer driveways until January or February 2021, depending on which variant was ordered.

We also already know that 2021 will bring us a new Ford F-150 model, though according to the source, it represents more of an evolution than a newly designed truck. The same underpinnings that the F-150 has utilized since 2014 remain present for the 2021 model, and will also be used for Ford’s crop of full-size SUVs coming in 2022. The pickup is reportedly already in pilot production is already underway at Ford’s Kansas City assembly plant, where it should start production in August. The F-150 plant in Detroit is slated to start production a few weeks prior at some point in July. A Raptor variant of the upcoming F-150 is also said to be coming in the summer of 2021.

2020 Ford F-150 Raptor. Photo Courtesy of Ford.

The most interesting bit of F-150 news in the report states that Ford is currently developing the next-generation truck, which will arrive with an entirely new chassis design. The timeline on something that far out can always change, but for now it will allegedly be coming some time in 2026. As for the other Ford trucks, not much new information was on offer. The next-gen Super Duty should arrive for the 2023 year, with the new mid-size Ranger arriving globally in 2021 before hitting the U.S market in 2022.

And of course we cannot forget Ford’s future plans for America’s favorite muscle car. Unlike the Chevrolet Camaro, it appears that the Ford Mustang is going to be with us heading into the future. A job posting from Ford has already confirmed that the next-generation car known internally as the S650 will arrive in 2022 as a 2023 model year vehicle. However, the Motor1 report states that will launch during the last week of June 2022, and it will also be more of an evolution than an entirely new model. That said, their source also says that an entirely new Ford Mustang is expected to come after 2025.

Ford Mustang
2020 Ford Mustang GT. Photo Courtesy of Ford.

While a lot of this information has to be taken with a grain of salt at this time, it does offer up an interesting look at Ford’s future plans. At this point we have to just wait and see what the automaker has in store for us as this current wave of new cars draws nearer.

Written by Lucas Bell

Lucas holds a journalism degree from Wayne State University, and is a Automotive Press Association scholarship recipient. While an American muscle fan through and through, he once wrote a fascinating comparison review about eScooters.

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