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A Bronco Charges Around Hallett Circuit With A Signature Edition GT500

2023 2024 Ford Bronco Raptor Warthog Teaser Spy Photo Prototype

Bronco Nation is the only independent Ford Bronco enthusiast community that is officially recognized by Ford Motor Company. Whether you’re a Bronco owner or just an avid fan, the Bronco Nation Youtube channel is the only official one-stop-shop for everything you’d ever want or need that’s Bronco-related. And speaking of both wants and needs, their latest video is a strong teaser that a Shelby Ford Bronco could be the next big thing from Shelby American.

Shelby Ford Mustang GT500 SE Vs 2021 Ford Bronco

There’s a whole lot of Shelby in the video. The 2021 Ford Bronco painted in Rapid Red Metallic is driven by Shelby Hall, a professional off-road racing driver who competes in events like the Baja 1000 and the Rebelle Rally. Piloting the crazy fast, 800 horsepower Shelby American Ford Mustang GT500 Signature Edition is none other than the current president of Shelby American, Gary Patterson.

If you watched the video, you noticed that the unconventional head-to-head around Hallett Motor Racing Circuit looks more like a clip out of Forza Horizon than an actual race. The 800 hp muscle car turned track star would easily mop the floor with a 2021 Ford Bronco around a road course. However, Shelby maneuvers her Bronco off the tarmac for Mario-Kart style shortcuts around the track. Because it’s a Bronco and it can do that sort of thing, where the GT500 would quickly become a beached paperweight on anything other than pavement.

The production quality of the video is quite good and almost feels like a real Ford commercial. Seeing Shelby Hall let the Bronco stretch its legs by ripping through off-track shortcuts just to have the Shelby Mustang GT500 SE catch right back up is delightfully fun to watch. But what’s the video trying to get at? At the very end, Gary Patterson, against the backdrop of a massive Ford Performance logo, is very adamant when he points at the Bronco and says that Shelby should “do something with that!”

“I think that’s a great idea,” Shelby retorted.

It could have just been something that’s was said in elation. Or, it could be something to look forward to.

The Shelby Bronco Is A Real Possibility

Even though the video is a pretty conspicuous publicity stunt, a Shelby Bronco is by no means out of the realm of possibility. Similar to the GT500 SE or the Super Snake Sport, Shelby could easily up the ante with an upgraded Bronco Badlands or First Edition. If official plans for a Shelby-modified Bronco really are in the works, it might be something we get later down the road with the distant Bronco Raptor model.

Bronco Nation also laid out official teasers of the upcoming Ford Bronco Raptor (codenamed Warthog), which further supports the channel’s ability to tease the next big thing. We’re sure plenty of off-road enthusiasts would be more than happy to see Shelby American work its magic on a Ford Bronco.

2021 Ford Bronco Moab showrooms sema accessories rtr
Image via Ford.

Written by Liam White

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