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The New Shelby Kit Car Breaks Tradition

Image Courtesy of Superformance.

The Shelby Cobra is one of those cars that you can’t help but love. Part British roadster and part American muscle, the Cobra is one of most dominant racing cars to ever take on the road courses of the world. If their performance capability wasn’t enough to make them desirable, their gorgeous styling and limited production numbers are. Only 998 Cobras were built by Shelby, spanning both road-going and race-prepped models, unless you include the countless recreations. Superformance is one of the companies keeping the Shelby legacy alive, and they’ve just unveiled the new Superformance MKIII-R. 

Weight a spritely 2,450 pounds, this new Cobra model from Superformance looks to blend the old-school formula with a bit of modern flair. While the shape remains undeniably intact, the bodywork features a host of unique touches that help to modernize the 60 year old design. The flared fenders now feature a scalloped look front and rear, and the addition of black mesh side and fender vents add to the track-focused look. Akin to the the hardcore sports cars of today, the MKIII-R is also fitted with a functional aerodynamics package, which includes an all new rear diffuser and a body-contour matching front splitter. By the way, you can have whatever color you’d like.

Image via Superformance.

As far as performance hardware goes, the Superformance MKIII-R borrows little from its ancestor. Custom coilover suspension front and rear work in tandem with a ZF-supplied limited slip differential to help keep the tires on the road, and send the power to the ground. Underneath the 18-inch wheels sit a set of power assisted Wilwood Brakes, for maximum braking performance. Like every Superformance vehicle, the powertrain is really up to the customer. Currently the Superformance MKIII-R can be had with a Ford 302, 351, 460 and 427/428 cubic-inch engine under the sculpted hood. Transmission options are either a Tremec five-speed or Ford top loader four-speed manual.

Image via Superformance.

The Superformance MKIII-R roadster roller will start at $79,900, and only 20 cars will be built per year. As kit cars, they are sold built, but without engines and transmissions. The motor and transmission, their purchase, and installation of the drivetrain are the responsibility of the customer.

The great thing about buying one of the many different modern Shelby Cobra variants is the fact that they offer up much of the original car’s driving experience. For those looking for something even more capable (and terrifying) than Carol Shelby’s masterpiece, the Superformance MKIII-R might just be the car.  

Superformance MKIII-R
Image via Superformance.

Written by Lucas Bell

Lucas holds a journalism degree from Wayne State University, and is a Automotive Press Association scholarship recipient. While an American muscle fan through and through, he once wrote a fascinating comparison review about eScooters.

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