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We See Mirrors, Wheels, More Lighting, And Even A Windshield Wiper

Tesla Cybertruck Prototype

The Tesla Cybertruck electric truck grabbed the world’s attention when it debuted in November 2019. Once seen as a disruptive threat that would be first to market, the Cybertruck has since seen numerous delays, while other automakers such as Rivian, General Motors (Hummer, Sierra, Silverado EVs), and Ford Motor Company (F-150 Lightning) have responded in kind with expedient and thorough market entries in the electric truck space. Having launched a few products by now, one would think Tesla would have figured out the essentials of what it takes to get a vehicle to market by this point, but as we’re mere minutes away from the company’s Q4 2021 Earnings call and webcast, a “leaked” video of an updated Tesla Cybertruck has emerged, with removed wheel covers, production-ready tires, and other DOT mandated hardware such as a windshield wiper, mirrors, and lights. Very advanced, you see.

Tesla Cybertruck Prototype: A Closer Look Ahead Of Q4 Earnings

The Cybertruck Owners Club forum recently opened a new thread that showcases the latest edition of the prototype with close-up images and a walk-around video. This particular prototype paints the truck out to be sized more towards a mid-size truck than a full-sized one. Other elements that we get a closer look at with the new images feature side mirrors, fender flares that appear to be thicker than the previous prototype, along with smaller lights that appear to be between the main headlights. In the video, we get to see the single beam that stretches across the front of the Cybertruck on as well as off. However, we don’t get to see the smaller lights turned on as we could in the previous leak.

As Tesla isn’t painting the Cybertruck, choosing instead to utilize a stainless steel “exoskeleton,” the automaker is saving tons of money in cost by not having to tool up for paint. However, any vehicle owner knows that chrome can be reflective on sunny days, which can cause hazards. So it will be interesting to see what Tesla ends up doing regarding the reflective nature of stainless steel.

Suppose you’re wondering about the chunky windshield wiper and what Tesla might have in mind for the production model. In that case, you may be interested in the USPTO filing that reveals that Tesla is working on an electromagnetic windshield wiper system. The system is supposed to steer a wiper arm across the length of the windshield, making the entire transparent area of the windscreen clear.

We’ll see what founder and CEO Elon Musk has to say about the Tesla Cybertruck, its updates, and its delays during the Q4 2021 earnings call that takes place at 5PM, Eastern Standard Time.

Tesla Cybertruck Gets More Production Oriented Design

Written by Zac Quinn

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