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Build Your Ideal C8 Corvette To Your Heart’s Content

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With the 2021 model year for the C8 Corvette Stingray coming to a close and the production of the 2022 model kicking off at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant, there is excellent news for people planning to order a the 2022 model-year Corvette. Chevrolet has just activated the Build and Price configurator so that you can build the Corvette to your exact specifications, and see precisely how much it’ll cost. 

2022 Corvette: New Prices And Options

As each new model year comes to pass, every manufacturer increases the price to some degree, and that’s true for the 2022 Corvette Stingray as well. The base price for the Coupe is now $62,195, the 2LT costs $69,495, and the loaded 3LT starts at $74,145. In contrast, the convertible models will be more expensive as they add $7,500 to the price, which is the same amount as last year. The 1LT starts at 69,695, the 2LT is $76,459 and the top tier 3LT trim begins at $81,145.

Corvette Blogger noted the price increases for the other options for the 2022 Corvette compared to last year. Pricing for the Z51 Performance Package continues to climb, and is now $6,345 as opposed to the $5,995 it was previously. In addition, the E60 Front Lift is now $860 more at $1,400. There are also three new exterior colors for the Corvette, two of them available at no additional cost. Hypersonic Gray and Caffeine Metallic are on the house, but the new Amplify Orange color will add $995 to the price. 

The Most Expensive 2022 Corvette Configuration

There is also a new Low Profile Spoiler that can be added to both non-Z51 Corvettes for $595, or you can switch the Z51 spoiler out for the Low Profile option at no additional cost. It looks like the most expensive build you can put together for the 2022 Corvette is $97,510. This is the 3LT Stingray Convertible with the Amplify Orange Color and $16,395 worth of packages.

The Destination Fee adds $1,295, and with 52% of Convertible purchases last year being the 3LT trim, it won’t be far-fetched to see a few Corvette’s configured like this on the road in the future.

2020 2021 2022 Corvette C8 Stingray
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Written by Zac Quinn

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