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It’s Practically Identical To The Previous Year

2021 2022 GMC Syclone Specialty Vehicle Engineering Canyon

We have some good news for you if you wanted to get your hands on the Specialty Vehicle Engineering GMC Syclone but missed the opportunity to do so. The 750 horsepower truck based on the GMC Canyon is back for the 2022 model year, and once again, only 50 will be made. It doesn’t look like anything has been changed from the previous year; almost all components and features are the same. But that doesn’t make this truck any less impressive.

2022 GMC Syclone Speciality Vehicle Engineering SVE Supercharged V8

2022 SVE GMC Syclone: Details

Specialty Vehicle Engineering has jam-packed a lot into the GMC Canyon, most notably is the supercharged L83 V8 engine capable of producing 750 horsepower and a thunderous 600 lb-ft of torque. All of that immense power is sent to all four wheels at all times. The engine itself is pretty impressive as it features a race-quality rotating assembly, including a forged 1538MV twisted steel crankshaft. Forged H-beam rods, modified L83 high flow cylinder heads with ARP high-strength head and main studs. An OEM-quality centrifugal supercharger with a 33% larger 8-rib belt drive system; and an upgraded high and low-pressure fuel system with high-flow injectors.

2021 GMC Syclone Engine

The Syclone is solely based on the 2022 GMC Canyon extended cab/short bed configuration. Just like last year, the truck is available in any factory color. The 2022 GMC Syclone utilizes a heavy-duty transfer case along with an upgraded 8L90E eight-speed automatic transmission and custom high-stall torque converter that offers greater performance, reliability, and efficiency than any other transmission. Last year, SVE offered the truck with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV Front and Rear performance tires to provide optimum grip on the pavement. That has been changed to Nitto NT420V tires measuring 275/45R20. Stopping power is provided by 6-piston forged front calipers with “SYCLONE” lettering and two-piece 13.6″ slotted front rotors, while rear factory calipers are painted red.

While the 2022 GMC Sylcone is virtually the same truck as last year, this provides an opportunity for some to try and get their hands on their own extremely rare and powerful truck.

2021 GMC Syclone

Written by Zac Quinn

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