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Alongside New Chass-E Offerings For Commercial Buyers

Bollinger Motors B2 Chass-E Cab electric truck is now available with a dually setup
Image Via Bollinger Motors.

When it comes to the ever-growing electric truck segment, Bollinger Motors is a bit of an outlier. Unlike other electric vehicle startups, Bollinger isn’t concerned with chasing the typical EV customer base. Instead, the Detroit-based automaker has opted to go in an entirely different direction: they build trucks with the traditional commercial pickup customer in mind. This is a direct result of CEO Robert Bollinger’s experience on his farm, and the glaring hole in the market for electric commercial vehicles. During the company’s presentation this morning at NTEA’s Work Truck Week, Bollinger has yet again doubled down on this mission. The automaker has just released the latest iteration of the Bollinger Motors B2 Chass-E Cab pickup, which is now available with the first dually setup found on any electric truck.

Like every Bollinger Motors product in the portfolio, this B2 Chass-E Cab pickup is a class 3 vehicle. In fact, it is the only class 3 electric chassis cab truck in development right now. And while we’ve already gotten to know the dual-motor version of the B2CC, this latest offering is a bit different. That is because this truck now available with a dually setup in the rear, and it is now offered in RWD spec. This is thanks to a new version of the company’s “Chass-E” platform, which underpins the B1 SUV and B2 Pickup. The company hopes that this move will entice more commercial fleets to take interest in the truck, while also significantly driving the cost of entry down. Furthermore, the Chass-E platform itself is available for sale for those who have specific upfitting needs.

“Our trucks kick ass and now they kick ass three ways!” CEO Robert Bollinger said in a statement. “Now we’re making three versions to cover a wide range of needs for the commercial and government markets.”

Pricing for the Bollinger Motors B2 Chass-E Cab pickup originally started at $100,000, which is a lot for a fleet buyer. That said, the new RWD and RWD dually models are sustainably more affordable. The basic rear-drive model starts at a mere $70,000, whereas the dually will run customers $72,500. Opt for a bare Chass-E and RWD pricing starts at $55,000, with the dual rear wheels bringing that total up to $57,500. The traditional dual-motor layout for the Bollinger Motors Chass-E starts at $80,000.

While a Bollinger Motors electric truck isn’t for everyone, these things have certainly cornered the commercial side of this new segment. And to be fair, the B2 Chass-E Cab dually looks pretty badass. Considering it has genuine class 3 capabilities as well, we sure that this truck will be a tempting offering for commercial customers. The automaker says that deliveries of this new offering are slated to take place in 2022.

Bollinger Motors B2 Chass-E Cab electric truck is now available with a dually setup
Image Via Bollinger Motors.

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