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Here’s What The Lucky Owners Get To See

2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition Ken Miles
Photo via Ford

The Ford GT is a special car, so special that you have to apply to even get the chance to purchase one. But for the lucky few that own one, they are treated to a unique configurator the public doesn’t have access to. The regular Ford GT configurator is still great: you can chose your ideal color, stripe, wheels, brake calipers, and interior design. But it’s nowhere near as in depth as the client configurator. That made us very excited when Manny Khoshbin, a wealthy supercar collector who shares his expensive collection on YouTube, decided to publish a video of him speccing out his new Ford GT Heritage on the customer-only configurator.

The overall UI is actually quite similar to the configurator you can find on Ford’s website, with all of the menus on the left hand side. Where the customer version shines is graphics. While speccing out the car, visuals are far more clear and crisp, and there are many more views available. There’s even a 360 degree camera that you can put at any point around your car, and a cinematic view that circles it. The interior also has a 360 degree view function, but Khoshbin’s video seems to indicate it’s a little touchy to navigate.

Photo via Ford

While the Ford GT Heritage is very rare and cool, playing tribute to Ken Miles’s 1966 Daytona 24 Hour race win, it doesn’t leave customers with many options to choose from. In fact, it appears the only option is the choice between gold aluminum wheels and gloss carbon fiber wheels.

It would be interesting to see what options customers have for a non-Heritage Edition GT. Here, we suspect the configurator would be even more impressive, with many options not even seen on the normal version. It would also probably give a look at the stripe options available on the 2021 Ford GT Studio Collection, which outline some of the functional aero sections of the car, such as the signature flying buttresses. Like the 2021 Heritage design scheme, these graphic packages aren’t visible on the regular configurator.

Photo via Ford

Written by Sam Krahn

Sam graduated with a communications Degree from Wayne State University, where he was also a member of the swim team. He's interested to see how new technology will affect the American performance vehicle landscape.

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