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The Anchor Of The Annual Woodward Dream Cruise Will Not Take Place This Summer

Ford Mustang Alley Woodward Dream Cruise
Ford Mustang Alley at the 2019 Woodward Dream Cruise. Photo copyright

The first domino has fallen. According to various comments made by Ford Mustang groups on social media, the City of Ferndale has canceled the annual Mustang Alley meet, which coincides with the Woodward Dream Cruise. The event has traditionally taken place along the intersections of 9 Mile road and Woodward Avenue in Ferndale, and typically anchors the Dream Cruise, which is the largest single-day automotive event in the world.

Of course, this comes as no surprise, as the COVID-19 pandemic has decimated any events featuring a crowd larger than an agrarian family. Mustang Alley is otherwise likely to be just the first domino to fall, as the cities of Berkley, Royal Oak, Birmingham and others will likely cancel any public gatherings based in their limits. Otherwise, there’s a strong likelihood that governor Gretchen Whitmer, aka Big Gretch or Wretched Gretchen, depending on who you ask, will road block the entire Woodward Dream Cruise from even happening this year. At least when it comes to spectating the event. It would otherwise be hard to police the driving aspect of it, as it keeps folks apart from each other, thereby minimizing any further spread of COVID-19 or any other virus that might have surfaced come August. It’s hard to predict what sort of apocalyptic obstacle will arrive by then. America just got introduced to murder hornets, after all.

Ford Mustang

Other major automotive events that have been canceled or postponed include LX Spring Fest, Camaro Fest, the National Corvette Museum Bash, and the 2020 Detroit Auto Show. Future events, such as Roadkill Nights and the 2020 SEMA Show are otherwise on high alert due to coronavirus. Pending the availability of a vaccine, it’s unlikely that these massive events take place.

For an idea of what Mustang Alley looks like during a year without a global pandemic, please have a look at our exclusive photo gallery below. Several generations and varieties of Ford Mustang were in attendance during last year’s event. Including several Fox Body Mustangs, a Mustang Mach 1, a Boss 302, an S550 Shelby GT350, as well as an S550 Shelby GT500, a police interceptor, and even a Mercury Cougar Eliminator.


Written by Manoli Katakis

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