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Earthroamer LTi Ford Super Duty
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When it comes to the flourishing market of high-end off-roaders, the top of the heap has to be Earthroamer. The Colorado-based upfitter takes the latest Ford Super Duty pickup trucks, fits them with as much off-the-grid content as possible, and sells them for serious money. In fact, the most affordable Earthroamer vehicle, the LTS, started at an incredible $490,000, and utilized the Ford F-550 Super Duty pickup truck. At the top end, the 35-foot Earthroamer XV-HD utilizes the massive F-750 Super Duty, and stickers at $1,700,000. Each vehicle is hand built, and takes at least 8 months to complete. And for the 2019 SEMA Show, the American upfitter showed off its next chapter in its opulent overlanding story: the Earthroamer LTi. This new vehicle replaces the LTS, and is priced from $590,000 before options, with a $50,000 initial deposit.

While it utilizes the F-550 like the LTS before it, the Earthroamer LTi features a vacuum infused carbon fiber camper body, as opposed to the fiberglass enclosure it replaces. The benefits include increased durability in a lighter package than before – roughly 1,500 pounds lighter than the fiberglass LTS, to be exact.

The Vacuum Infusion Process that Earthroamer utilizes bonds a pair of carbon fiber skins to a structural foam core. The company believes that the benefits of the much lighter weight and higher strength are something that its customers are willing to pay for, and are 100% designed and manufactured in house in Dacono, Colorado, just 40 minutes directly north of Denver.

Here are some capacity highlights:

95 gallons of diesel fuel

100 gallons of fresh water storage

60 gallons of gray water storage

1,320 Watts of solar power, generating energy for an 11,000 W/h lithium ion battery pack.

The benefit of a battery power system means that there’s no need for a loud diesel generator to power the various creature comforts such as such as the electric stove inside the cabin, which is large enough to sleep up to four people, depending on the configuration. Here’s a breakdown of the five cabin layouts:

The Telluride – Offers the greatest amount of seating with the longest sofa option, a small pantry and shortest galley. It can sleep up to four, and seat up to six.

The Boulder – Maximizes food storage with a large pantry, and just the right amount of everything else with a medium galley, medium sofas on the driver and passenger for seating up to four, while also sleeps up to four.

The Breckenridge – Breckenridge features a dinette booth with dedicated work and eating space on the driver side. The dinette can convert to a 6-foot bed for sleeping. The passenger side offers the same medium galley and medium sofa as the Boulder layout. Seats 4; Sleeps up to 4.

The Aspen – Maximizes the kitchen and counter space with our longest galley and additional galley storage on the passenger side. The driver side features the same dinette booth as the Breckenridge floor plan. Seats 3; Sleeps up to 3.

The Crestone – Maximizes the kitchen and counter space with our longest galley and additional galley storage on the passenger side. The driver side features a medium length sofa and a large pantry. Seats 3; Sleeps up to 3.

For a closer look of the Ford Super Duty-based Earthroamer LTi, check out our exclusive gallery below.

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