Ford Bronco


The Ford Bronco is an off-road oriented sport utility vehicle that is produced by Ford Motor Company. It’s traditionally been a body-on-frame, truck based vehicle, but has taken forms ranging from midsize like the original Bronco, to full-sized Bronco built in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The smaller Ford Bronco II attempted to compete with the Jeep Cherokee as a smaller entry during the 1980’s, but didn’t catch on the way the automaker had hoped. By 1996, the last Ford Bronco rolled off the assembly line. Fifteen years later, Ford is building an all-new Bronco, once again truck-based, but more adventure-ready than ever before. For those looking for something smaller, there’s the Escape-based Bronco Sport.

Milestones And Achievements

Baja 1000 winner, 1968-1969-1971-1972

Bronco Brand

Ford Motor Company aims to expand the Bronco nameplate across multiple models, starting with the Bronco and Bronco Sport. Other models, such as a Bronco pickup truck, have been rumored. A similar strategy is happening with the Ford Mustang.


First generation Ford Bronco (1966–1977)

Second generation Ford Bronco (1978–1979)

Third generation Ford Bronco (1980–1986)

Fourth generation Ford Bronco (1987–1991)

Fifth generation Ford Bronco (1992–1996)

Ford Bronco Concept (2004)

Ford Bronco R (2019-)

Sixth generation Ford Bronco (2021-)

Ford Bronco Sport (2021-)

Ford Bronco II (1984-1990)