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More Aerodynamic Bodywork Means Faster Lap Times

The SSC Tuatara Striker and Aggressor models join the hypercar lineup as track-focused versions.
Image Via SSC.

The SSC Tuatara is quite simply one of the most extreme vehicles ever to grace the road. With 1,750 horsepower on offer from its 5.9L twin-turbocharged V8 engine, it is also one of the fastest machines ever built. And while there was a bit of drama surrounding the automaker’s first top-speed test last year, the Tuatara has managed to set the record as the world’s fastest production car with a two-way average speed of 282.9 mph. That is an incredibly impressive feat, but SSC isn’t done with the Tuatara just yet. When we spoke to SSC Founder Jarod Shelby back in March, he hinted towards the fact that the company would be building a track-focused variant of the hypercar in the future. Well, the automaker has just released two new versions of the sports car, called the SSC Tuatara Striker and Tuatara Aggressor.

SSC Tuatara Striker And Aggressor Models

The SSC Tuatara Striker and Aggressor models are the result of Shelby’s track-focused ideation . The two cars share the same aerodynamic tweaks, which provide huge benefits over the standard streetcar. The SSC Tuatara Striker and Aggressor models receive a new rear wing set-up with a vertical stabilizer, a larger diffuser, frontal dive planes, and some directional rockers on the flanks. SSC says this updated aero package provides both new vehicles with over three times the downforce of the sleek Castriota-designed bodywork we’re familiar with, bringing 1,100 pounds of downforce at 160 mph. More specifically, the package provides 45.4 percent more downforce at the front axle, and 54.6 percent out back.

The SSC Tuatara Striker and Aggressor models join the hypercar lineup as track-focused versions.
Image Via SSC.

The SSC Tuatara Striker retains the same 1,750 horsepower rating as the standard car, and is a street-legal hypercar. The same cannot be said for the Aggressor model, which now packs a ludicrous power output of 2,200 horsepower. This particular model is also relegated to track use only, as was suggested to MC&T by Shelby. During that interview, we were also told just how customizable the Tuatara models will be, offering over 14 pages of unique options for customers to choose from. This level of customization is present on the SSC Tuatara Striker and Aggressor models as well, with Shelby going as far as to say that possibilities are infinite.

Limited Production

We don’t have any pricing information to share about these two new hypercars, but it’s not like customers at this level really ask about those sorts of things. Production of the SSC Tuatara Striker is slated to be 100 units, while the Aggressor is limited to just 10 examples. While we know that some folks are not going to be fans of these things based on the issues that took place last year alone, SSC appears to be up to some pretty cool things. Now we just have to wait until these things get sent over to the Nordschleife.

The SSC Tuatara Striker and Aggressor models join the hypercar lineup as track-focused versions.
Image Via SSC.

Written by Lucas Bell

Lucas holds a journalism degree from Wayne State University, and is a Automotive Press Association scholarship recipient. While an American muscle fan through and through, he once wrote a fascinating comparison review about eScooters.

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