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Leaked Photos Have Shown How The Electric Truck Holds Up In A Rollover Crash

Tesla Cybertruck Crash

The Tesla Cybertruck.

While we need not say more, we will. Thanks to the truck’s expected GVW rating, Tesla doesn’t have to legally crash test its electric truck for it to go on sale to the public. The same can be said for needing to have the EPA test and publish its estimated range. And it’s loopholes in the rules such as this that allow for such a heaping, angular, stainless steel design. Devoid of crumple zones, or even the need for airbags. That’s how you save money.

So, what happens when you crash a Cybertruck? Some photos have leaked their way onto the internet, and it gives us our first idea of what to expect.

Tesla Cybertruck Rollover: A Test, Or A Crash?

According to Electrek, a video posted to X (formerly known as Twitter) shows the aftermath of a ditch rollover “test” (although there’s little evidence suggesting this was a test) involving two angular trucks, and the damage dealt doesn’t appear to be an easy fix. It doesn’t look like the vehicle was completely totaled, either. Based on the video, it seems some evidence was revealed to support the theory that the Cybertruck doesn’t actually feature a revolutionary “exoskeleton” construction but instead has a traditional unibody frame. The video, which was deleted from X but archived on a Cybertruck fan forum, also offers the first look at the Cybertruck’s back seat, which includes octagonal cupholders and the 8-inch rear screen standard on most Tesla vehicles.

Tesla Cybertruck Crash

As it stands, Tesla vehicles are generally more challenging to repair in the event of a crash, as the facilities have to be ‘Tesla Certified,’ which also means that the process is even longer and much more expensive. That being said, evidence points towards the Tesla Cybertruck being a nightmare for customers to repair in the event of a crash or any other issue requiring vehicle repair. Electrek, a commenter on the forum, stated that the Cybertruck could be a disposable truck as a result when it comes down to significant repairs.

Another commenter stated that the one good thing that can come from rolling the Tesla Cybertruck is that since the panels don’t align properly, it’ll be difficult for anyone to tell that an accident occurred or repairs were made, should the individual find a shop that is willing to do them. Vehicle safety and durability are significant factors in a buyer’s decision, and this leak isn’t helping give potential customers peace of mind that they’re purchasing something that’ll last.

Tesla Cybertruck Crash

Written by Zac Quinn

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