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The Kit Will Be Available Next Year

Valarra Corvette
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The mid-engine C8 Corvette may have been drawing a crowd at the Chevrolet SEMA exhibit this year, but just across the aisle was a Corvette that was far, far more radical. It’s called the Valarra, and it starts at $30,000, plus the C6 you need to get started with it.

The Valarra Corvette comes from the mind of Matthew Mcentegart of Mattao Concepts. His credentials include designing the Vaydor exotic bodykit that was featured as the Joker’s car in the Suicide Squad movie, but even a movie car has nothing on this. For a closer look, you’re going to have to check out our exclusive photo gallery below.

Any C6 Corvette will do for a Valarra body kit. Which means an abundance of aftermarket support throughout the vehicle. Especially under the hood, where an LS-based engine can be pushed into the 1,000 horsepower range without looking to hard or spending too much money in the process.

The design of the Valarra Corvette is simply extreme. It’s both minimal, yet completely brazen. Up front is a gaping maw for optimized airflow, while the rear is even more extroverted. A massive rear wing is fixated up top of the rear deck, while center mounted exhaust is lifted up from the stock location, with all of the plumbing exposed. Keeping with the theme is a rear diffuser of a size that’s normally reserved for race cars.

For those interested in a Valarra Corvette body kit, pricing starts at $30,000, before options, which include the carbon-fiber reinforced plastic you see on the show car pictured, as well as a performance wheel and Pirelli P Zero Nero tire installation. We managed to grab a photo of both the front and rear tire width. Up front measures 275/25 R24. In the rear is a humongous 405/25 R24. A Corvette with 24-inch wheels. But considering the radical nature of this supercar body kit, you almost don’t even notice them.

Installs will start at the company’s shop (or an approved vendor) next year, with pre-orders opening up soon. The company is not shipping out kits for homebrew installation.

What do you think about the Valarra Corvette body kit? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Manoli Katakis

Detroit Region SCCA Member and founder of MC&T. Automotive Media Jedi Knight. Not yet the rank of Master.


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  1. I couldn’t imagine what it must be like to be able to afford anything close to that, I have an 87 Iroc I can’t even get going.
    It just breaks my heart, if you only knew my life story behind it.
    It’s groundbreaking for sure, I just can’t find anyone to help me.
    I wish you could.

  2. Don’t feel bad, not many people can afford that or the cost of the car for that matter. However, for the sake of entertainment, you have to admit the car looks crazy. If I could, I would do the engine upgrades and the rear part of the car only, keeping the front end with the stock look. That’s just me.

  3. I think it looks amazing and definitely the HP gain.. It’s something that more aftermarket companies should be doing! The Corvette is a amazing car it’s self. I own a C3 and I have a another C3 I want to make a Mako phase 3 out of. Oh a couple updates on motor ZR! and rear wing..

  4. Did a 5 year old design that? Almost as bad as Elon’s new Tesla. Goes to show, anything will fly nowadays. I really hope all those stupid angles are functional.

  5. If your willing to put in the wrench time it ain’t gonna cost 100 grand. I built a 59 Chevy Bel Air in my uncle’s garage in 02 for 15k as a daily driver. Rain snow or shine. Ain’t a trailer queen. But, it is nice.

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