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Sacrilege Or Sensational?

Hellcat powered Chevy C10
AutotopiaLA via YouTube

American car fans loyalties usually align with one brand, for both modern and classic cars. Especially muscle cars and trucks. See what we did there? So when someone crosses brand lines with their project, it had better be worth it. Luckily for the builder of this Hellcat powered Chevy C10 pickup, it’s a masterpiece. Check out the video, made by AutotopiaLA and enjoy the supercharger whine.

The project is based on a 1968 Chevy C10 pickup. While the frame and bodywork is true to the original car, little else is. Most notable is that Hellcat crate engine that’s been in between the front wheels. With our understanding of brand loyalty dogma, we’re sure that many of you will find this crate engine swap to be heresy.

Most people would be happy with the “standard” 707 horsepower. This Hellcat, however, features upgraded pulleys and injectors to deliver 745 hp to the wheels. All of that power is sent through a six-speed manual from a Dodge Challenger Hellcat to the rear wheels.

That’s a lot of power going through the rear wheels with no weight over them. Luckily, the truck features a number of other upgrades to make sure it works with 745 hp. The massive HRE wheels are wrapped in equally massive, sticky tires. They are so wide, the rear wheel wells had to be re-cut into the bed to accommodate them.

As for other handling upgrades, extensive work has gone into the brakes and suspension. The truck rides on air suspension, coupled with fully adjustable dampers. To stop the truck from presumably high speed, there are six and four piston Wilwood brakes front and rear, respectively.

Hellcat powered Chevy C10
AutotopiaLA via YouTube

Like the exterior, the interior is a blend of old and new. The seats and carpets are all new and fresh, but the door panels are still stock. On the dash, the C10 features new gages and a well-integrated aftermarket touchscreen.

The best part of the truck, and video, has got to be the incredible noises it makes. The combination of supercharger whine and thunderous V8 exhaust is just perfect for the looks of the C10. At this point, it would surprise us if anyone found the Mopar and General Motors combination anything but brilliant.



Written by Sam Krahn

Sam graduated with a communications Degree from Wayne State University, where he was also a member of the swim team. He's interested to see how new technology will affect the American performance vehicle landscape.

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