The Mid-Engine Corvette Has Six Seat Belt Colors, And That’s Just The Start

2020 Corvette Configurator

It wasn’t enough that Chevrolet officially revealed the 2020 Corvette Stingray last night, and the people making it all happen knew it. Shortly after lifting the veil on the C8, every social media channel was flooded with official videos consisting of everything from details on the supercar’s electronic limited slip differential, to just B-roll. But perhaps the most engaging thing to come of it is the ability to digitally visualize and configure the C8 Stingray exactly to your liking. The combinations on the 2020 Corvette configurator are nearly endless.

The one hang up is that we’re all still in the dark when it comes to pricing these options out – like a high-wing spoiler, colored seat belts, or even an “Engine Appearance Package” which lights up the engine bay of the C8 Corvette at night – just in case onlookers were unsure where the LT2 V8 is positioned. That said, with such an absurdly attractive base MSRP of “less than” $60,000, the all-new mid-engine Corvette is essentially coming out of the gate with the same price as the C7 it replaces. This could also elude to similar pricing for options, and accessories. With that in mind, numbers will likely also rise absurdly quick. With just a few options, today’s C7 Stingray can creep to nearly $30,000 above its base price. What we’re saying is that almost nobody will actually drive away with a C8 Corvette for under $60,000.

2020 Corvette Configurator

No matter, as it shouldn’t stop you from creating your own Stingray. Personally, we went with an Arctic White exterior, a high-wing spoiler complimented by carbon fiber accents, a two-tone blue interior (unlocked via the range-topping 3LT package), and blue seat belts to match. Users of the 2020 Corvette configurator will also be able to take snapshots of their dream build, save multiple versions of their build, and share it on social media. Head to the official configurator site and enjoy!

2020 Corvette Configurator

Written by Manoli Katakis

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