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The Hellcat Powered Off-Road Truck Will Be Revealed This Year

2021 Ram Rebel TRX
Ram Rebel TRX teaser.

2020 is shaping up to be the year of the off-roader. If you’ve only just discovered the internet, here’s what’s happening: the Ford Bronco will make its return, and an all new F-150 will debut. But FCA might have the most exciting offerings, as there are new Jeep products coming down the pipe, as well as the F-150 Raptor-fighting Ram Rebel TRX. And thanks to the latest report from The Fast Lane Carwe can learn some new details about this mad truck.

Ram Rebel TRX interior leak
Via TFL.

First up is the TRX’s gauge cluster. It keeps the same design as the current Ram 1500 lineup, but key details give a few clues about this new variant in particular. The redline is around 6,000 rpm, the same as other Hellcat models. Meanwhile, the instrument panel screen shows what appears to be drive modes on the far left side. The current mode in the picture looks like a truck jumping, perhaps a “Baja” mode of sorts. Below that seems to be either a spring or damper. This indicates customizable suspension settings, not too different from the air suspension setup we currently see in high-end Ram trim levels. The mode above looks more generic, so it may be a normal drive mode.

The center of the gauge cluster screen shows a drag timer setting, just like other SRT models have. While the Ram Rebel TRX is almost certainly not designed for the drag strip, it’s still cool to see FCA put the performance data recording tools in the truck. Finally, there is some red detailing, a central TRX logo and an expectedly low fuel tank.

Next up is the control panel that sits to the right of the steering wheel, above the drivers knee. On the regular Ram models, this houses the rotary shifter. In this leaked image, it’s gone. This means Ram has switched to either a steering column shifter or something in the center console. We hope this means the giant shifter from the 2016 concept will carry over to the production model.

Ram Rebel TRX interior leak
Photo courtesy of TFLcar

The top of the control panel is a TRX mode selector. The TRX is expected to get some bespoke driving modes, so drivers will switch through them here. This is probably where the modes seen in the gauge cluster are changed. Below that are the differential settings, where you can adjust the four wheel drive system. To the right is a very interesting launch control mode, and to the left is the traction control and crawl control toggles.

These new leaks show the Ram Rebel TRX will be highly customizable. It’s expected to have a desert runner focus like the Raptor, but different driving modes should help it moose through any terrain the occasion calls for. FCA planned to reveal the TRX at the now-canceled Detroit Auto Show in June along with a new Jeep Grand Cherokee, but they have since been delayed. Hopefully we will see it before too long.

Ram Rebel TRX
2016 Ram Rebel TRX Concept

Written by Sam Krahn

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