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Only 99 Of Each Edition Will Be Built

2023 CT4-V Blackwing Track Edition

The 2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing Track Editions are on their way to delivering the performance people crave with unique interiors, colors, and graphics that honor Cadillac Racing. In addition, Cadillac is allowing fans to get behind the scenes of each special edition with the Cadillac Pit Crew Podcast. Presented by a crew of experts and racing celebrities. People can dive into the stories, racetracks, and victories that inspired the vehicles that are so inclusive that only 99 of each edition will be produced.

The Podcast episodes will be available on July 28th, with each one talking about a different track. The first track will feature Pip Derani and his sprint win in 2021, which was a catalyst for his championship season. Dillon Blanski then details his design inspiration. The second episode will have Renger van der Zande describe how fast the Road Atlanta track is and how well a CT4-V Blackwing handles it. The third and final episode will have Earl Bamber relive the Cadillac podium sweep after a hard-fought 12-hour race on the Sebring track.

2023 CT4-V Blackwing Track Edition Interior

2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing Track Edition: A Modern Collectable

The Watkins Glen IMSA Edition 2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing Track Edition will be the first available. Featuring an Electric Blue exterior paint. The color choice is inspired by the light blue guardrails surrounding the track and nods to the scenic Finger Lakes. Rocker moldings along each side of the vehicle feature the special Track Edition atop eye-catching pinstripes in complementary colors that tie into the palette. Production is planned for October-December 2022.

The Sebring IMSA Edition will feature Maverick Noir Frost exterior paint, which gives this edition a sinister, competitive look. Production is expected to begin in January 2023. Last but not least, the Road Atlanta IMSA Edition. This car features Rift Metallic exterior paint, which shines holographically in the sun. Production for this edition is planned for February-March 2023. Additionally, each vehicle features a track decal for its designated race track and unique interior and exterior design queues that set each CT4-V Blackwing Track Edition apart from the others.

In addition, each car features a builder’s plate along the B pillar, a Shifter Medallion, and a Serialization Plate embedded into the steering wheel so customers can never forget that a piece of Cadillac history is in their hands.

2023 CT4-V Blackwing Track Edition

2023 CT4-V Blackwing Track Edition Interior

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