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This Decision Is In Effect Until The End Of 2022

2023 Corvette Z06 Z07 Aerodynamics Package
Image via Chevrolet

The 2023 Corvette Z06 is arriving at a weird time, where the global auto industry remains crippled by an ongoing supply chain crisis stemming from both global conflict and remnants of covid. It also comes at a time where inflation is spiking prices of what seems to be everything, and yet that hasn’t deterred customers from lining up to order the six-figure supercar. All that said, the waiting will take a while for many. General Motors has decided to halt the submission of any new C8 Corvette Z06 orders so quickly through the end of this calendar year. The news comes from an update about the Z06 sent out to Chevrolet dealerships, along with a webcast from Chevrolet Global President Scott Bell.

2023 Corvette Z06 Orders Paused: Details

According to Corvette Blogger, the move will allow GM to better handle the ramp-up in the production of the new C8 Z06 and hopefully prevent what had happened with the 2020 Corvette Stingray, where GM had thousands of cars in the system that couldn’t be produced. It’s possible that after the first allocations dropped last month, Chevrolet received around 450-500 orders. Chevy hopes that a slower ramp-up where they build fewer Z06 units will ensure they get the car right amid supply issues.

2023 Corvette Z06 Own The Color Minted Green

In the webcast from Chevrolet Global President Scott Bell, it was explained that Chevrolet isn’t building as many Z06s as they would like at the moment. However, they believe a gradual increase in the units produced will enable them to make the 2023 Corvette Z06 as perfect as it should be. Later down the line, they intend on selling more of this generation Corvette than any other, which includes a high percentage of Z06s.

Luckily, GM is only halting the submission of new Z06 orders through the end of this calendar year, not the entirety of the 2023 model year. This means prospective customers won’t have to twiddle their thumbs for nearly as long to be able to place their orders on the street legal race car. We’d certainly rather see the 2023 Corvette Z06 in all its glory rather than missing features in order for production to attempt to keep up with the high demand.

2023 C8 Corvette Z06 Photo Without Z07 Package Horsepower Torque LT6 V8 DOHC Engine
Image via Chevrolet

Written by Zac Quinn

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