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The First Electrified Performance Vehicle From Dodge

2023 Dodge Hornet R/T RT Hybrid
Image copyright Manoli Katakis, Muscle Cars & Trucks.

Just now, Dodge revealed the all-new 2023 Dodge Hornet at M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan. The car aims to disrupt the fast-growing CUV segment, building buzz with a distinct Dodge combination of muscular styling wrapped around performance from a multi-energy powertrain roster and a swarm of class exclusive-performance features.

2023 Dodge Hornet R/T: Details

The Dodge Hornet R/T represents the first electrified performance vehicle from Dodge. The hood features integrated heat extractors for a performance-focused appearance, while the front also incorporates a “mail slot” -style grille opening sculpted into the fascia. The “mail slot” reinforces the horizontal brow of the upper grille and lamp graphics. Integrated into the muscular lines of the bodyside are the matte black molded-in color lower cladding and valances. In addition, the Hornet R/T receives unique new Abyss painted lower cladding and rear valance with integrated dual exhaust ports.


The Dodge Hornet R/T PHEV achieves a segment-leading 285-plus horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque. That’s pushing on Hemi V8 levels of twisting force. The R/T features a 1.3-liter turbocharged all-aluminum engine, part of the Stellantis Global Small Engine (GSE) family. The Hornet R/T offers more than 30 miles of all-electric range. An electric induction motor powers the rear axle; the 90-kW electric motor can deliver 1,844 lb.-ft of torque from 0 rpm. A high-power inverter and 7.4-kW charging module allows for a full battery charge in approximately 2.5 hours using a Level 2 charger.

The Dodge Hornet R/T PHEV system is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. The Hornet R/T holds extra “sting” in reserve, ready to be unleashed through a class-exclusive PowerShot feature that provides a boost of 25 horsepower and delivers instant torque. The feature shaves one second off normal 0 to 60 mph times, offers 15 seconds of extra pony power, and can be repeated after a 15-second cooldown.

The Hornet R/T PHEV also features regenerative braking that lets the driver replenish the battery while on the go. Pricing for the Dodge Hornet R/T has not yet been revealed, though the GT version will come in for just under $30,000, so the R/T model will likely be over that mark, but not too much more. The Hornet R/T is scheduled to hit showrooms in spring 2023.

Image copyright Manoli Katakis, Muscle Cars & Trucks.
Image copyright Manoli Katakis, Muscle Cars & Trucks.
Image copyright Manoli Katakis, Muscle Cars & Trucks.

Written by Zac Quinn

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