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Though, The Z06 Doesn’t Have Pricing

2023 2024 C8 Corvette E-Ray hybrid AWD supercar Daytona Rolex 24 International Speedway Chevrolet
Image copyright Steven Pham, Muscle Cars & Trucks.

Chevrolet promised that it would launch the 2024 Corvette Build and Price configurator this week, and it looks like they kept their promise as Corvette Blogger has recently reported that all three configurators for the 2024 Corvette models (Stingray, Z06, and E-Ray) are now live on the Chevrolet website. 

What’s New For The 2024 C8 Corvette Build and Price Tool?

Given Chevrolet’s immense customization for the C8 Corvette, the Build and Price tool is a vital part of the process. It allows prospective buyers to create their builds online and see real-time pricing based on their desired options and packages. With large photos and various angles of the car, you can get a very detailed idea of how the car will look as you outfit it to fit your preferences. What’s more? The tool also allows customers to export their builds to a Chevy Rep, who has a copy of your exact build. Several reps rely on this to ensure the customer gets their precise build ordered correctly. You can find the direct links to each configurator below: 

2024 Corvette E-Ray

With three different models to build your dream car, we’re sure fans will spend significant time in the configurator, testing out each variation, trim level, color, package, and all the other options to build out their dream Corvettes. Interestingly, there are no base prices when fidgeting with the Z06 configurator. Instead, a disclaimer says, “See Dealer for Pricing.” You can still build out your dream track-ready supercar, but without pricing, the tool’s purpose becomes a bit useless. However, the Stingray and E-Ray show full pricing for all the goodies you can add. 

Though, some minor discrepancies will show up, such as the Options tab, which has selections for both Exterior and Interior that you can toggle back and forth, and under the Exterior tab at the bottom of the page is a Mechanical tab. Additionally, the Stingray’s new two-stanchion spoiler doesn’t show a picture, though it appears in the rendering once selected. We suggest you mess with the site yourselves and have some fun; just be aware that it may run slower than usual due to high traffic, as everyone will be on the site for the next few days building their dream Corvettes.

2023 Corvette Z06 Z07 Package
Image via Chevrolet

Written by Zac Quinn

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