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And It Features A 1,028 HP Engine

SpeedKore Carbon-Fiber 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon

The entire concept of a full carbon fiber muscle car is enticing. The lightweight material is a beautiful combination with absurd power levels. Also, the iconic carbon weave of the material is fantastic to look at, especially if there’s a light layer of paint covering it; ensure that it’s only visible when the light hits it at just the right angle. SpeedKore is a company that specializes in converting Dodge muscle cars, specifically the classic Charger, but did you know that they built five carbon fiber Challenger Demons?

SpeedKore Carbon-Fiber 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon: Details

This prime example of a muscle car is available on Hemmings and is one of five models with this stunning carbon fiber body available worldwide. Under the hood is a modified version of the Demon’s supercharged V8, which produced an incredible 840 horsepower from the factory, but is now good for a Demon 170-rivaling 1028 hp and 1049 lb-ft of torque. Imagine what this extra power means with a body that weighs far less than the standard Demon on the drag strip. The engine has undergone some serious upgrades, including strengthened connecting rods, a modified valvetrain, a dual-stage fuel pump, and a 2.7-liter IHI supercharger that makes 14.5 psi of boost. The car has around 1,000 miles on the odometer, which is still brand new.

SpeedKore Carbon-Fiber 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon

As for the actual numbers in weight reduction, SpeedKore’s Dodge Challenger carbon-fiber body sheds 200 pounds compared to the factory steel. It might not seem like a drastic change, but it’ll still significantly impact when accelerating. The carbon fiber hood, which features hold-down pins, uses a factory-style Air-Grabber scoop. The car also has an Air-Catcher driver-side headlamp to help keep the engine at optimal performance.

This SpeedKore carbon-fiber 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is available for immediate delivery. Unsurprisingly, it’ll cost a pretty penny, listed at $206,995. However, considering this is a highly unique and powerful piece of art and the Challenger is now discontinued, it feels worth the price.

SpeedKore Carbon-Fiber 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon

Written by Zac Quinn

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