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A Fully Scaled Corvette Brand Could Rival The Likes Of Porsche

2020 Corvette Stingray Design Sketch

Over the last few years there has been an interesting trend beginning to form in the automotive industry. Manufacturers have started taking successful models and launching full on brands, centering the new makes around a particular ethos. For example, we have recently seen Dodge launch the Ram brand to solidify their efforts in the pickup truck wars while also offering commercial vans, while Hyundai spun off the Genesis brand to move their sedans upmarket to fight Lexus. Now, fresh on the coattails of the Corvette C8 debut, Autoweek reports that General Motors may be working on a Corvette brand that will spin off Chevrolet. Moreover, it would even include sedan and SUV offerings.

GM executives currently will not confirm or deny such a plan.

This news is more fuel to the forum fires, where people have been arguing about the C8 Corvette for months before its debut. Because the thought of a Corvette SUV being a possibility is bound to make heads explode. Nevertheless, such a proposal could be extremely important.

2020 C8 Corvette Logo


Here’s why: high-end marques such as Porsche (and even Lamborghini) make fast SUVs that increase brand sales, drive huge profits, and in turn they invest that money into high-end sports car development. There likely would have never been a Porsche 918, or even a 911 GT2 RS without the Macan and/or Cayenne. Which, in most eyes, is a net-positive outcome. While the standalone Corvette has always been known as America’s two-door sports car – the best selling, in fact – the market loves expensive high performance SUVs right now.

However, the major question is if the world is ready for such a brand. And if a Corvette brand does make it to fruition, the cars need to be done right. There is nothing that will anger enthusiasts (of which, there are many) more than a FWD Chevy Blazer with a cross-flag badge on it. The offerings from the standalone marque should have real sporting capabilities, like many of the hot SUVs on the market. If General Motors can capitalize on the Corvette brand’s popularity and build a fuller line of performance cars, everybody wins.


Written by Manoli Katakis

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