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Strong Entries From The Competition Are Swarming

Tesla Cybertruck
Image via Tesla

The whole attitude around the Tesla Cybertruck seems to have transitioned from wild shock value and hype, to fan fantasy (Cyber-house, anyone?), to impatience, to skepticism. Will Tesla even get around to making a Cybertruck? Will it matter by the time that they do?

Some might wonder why Tesla doesn’t just cancel the Cybertruck altogether though, especially with the given rivals that have beaten it to the market already. It was supposed to be here by 2021, after all. It would have been the first electric “truck” to market. Since that original timeline has came and went, Rivian has managed to begin production of the R1T, General Motors has launched the GMC Hummer EV, and the Ford F-150 Lighting will begin production this spring. By 2024, Chevrolet will have the Silverado EV on the market, and Stellantis will have the Ram Revolution electric truck.

Image via Joe Rogan, Facebook.

Making things more obscure is the fact that Tesla was expected to give more definitive guidance during the company’s Q4 earnings call, and didn’t. Instead, Musk focused on AI and FSD technology, and its potential to unlock further value in Tesla vehicles as a means to generate income. Suppose that’s a big deal, but so are the hundreds of thousands of Cybertruck pre-orders in queue.

Perhaps, at the end of the day, the Tesla Cybertruck already did its job without even getting to market. It set the rest of the auto industry in a scramble to respond with electric trucks of their own. If not for the Cybertruck, we may not have, in its wake, the influx of inbound statement making electric trucks we do now. And some of those entries are strong enough for Tesla to completely reevaluate its content strategy for the Cybertruck.

Whether or not it turns out to be a punk out remains to be seen. But with Tesla engineers openly testing Cybertruck prototypes under the eyes of snoopy drone cameras, The Cult of Elon may see their prophecy fulfilled. One day.

Tesla Cybertruck Gets More Production Oriented Design

Written by Cody U.

Cody is a Tennessee-based media professional with a degree in Journalism and Electronic Media. He has spent time as a country radio morning show producer and currently writes for MC&T as an outlet to geek out over cool cars, trucks, and utility vehicles.

Originally from California Cody has an appreciation for all-electric vehicles but a soft spot for the rumble of an all-American V8 muscle car. His dream car remains a 2007 Ford Mustang Bullitt. His fascination with all things cars stems from countless trips to car shows and watching car movies, of course.

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  1. The backlog of orders for the Cybertruck remains higher than all other trucks combined. That is probably because the Cybertruck, no matter how late it is, will still have these things going for it.
    Stainless steel body – no paint & no dints
    Rigid exo-skeleton replacing heavy frame or twisty subframes
    Solid molded front and rear subframes
    Latest 4680 battery technology for both better performance and range
    Solid battery pack for torsional rigidity
    When the Cybertruck is released (early 2023?) it will make everything that went before it immediately obsolete.

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