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The Rendering Is Inspired By The ‘Cuda, Challenger, And Stellantis EV Day Speculation

Dodge eMuscle Concept Rendering Charger Challenger electric car ev
Rendering via adry53customs.

We’ve got a few hints at the upcoming electric 2024 Dodge muscle car, but much of it is shrouded in darkness. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any details from concept images or animations that can’t be taken and used to piece a concept together, which is precisely what adry53customs has done on a recent video posted on his Instagram page featuring a walkaround rendering.

The rendering is inspired by Plymouth ‘Cuda and Challenger and some speculations from the Stellantis EV day video. Without clicking on the video, we can already see the inspirations that were mentioned. The front end follows what Dodge has said about the upcoming eMuscle and its inspiration from the classic Dodge muscle cars. The walkaround CGI video gives us a view of this imaginary car from all angles, and while it sounds like they added jet engine noise to the video, the visual is what’s important here.

Electric Dodge Muscle Car: What We Know

Since the sound was something of note within the walkaround rendering, we’d like to note that Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares has stated that the automaker is crafting a soundscape for the electric muscle car that he described as “shocking.” He explained that the dynamic sound would accompany the powertrain, with the volume and power of the sound rising with increased motor output, as one would hope to find with an ICE. Sound has a critical part to play for car enthusiasts, just as important as the performance for many people, so we’re hoping they do a great job with whatever they’re working on.

Tavares is confident that his company will give Dodge customers an experience that lives up to the brand ethos. The Stellantis CEO promised we would “hit the floor” when we see Dodge’s new EVs, which should be happening later this year in concept form. Of course, the performance will also play a factor, and Dodge reportedly aims to dethrone the Tesla Model S Plaid when it comes to 0-60 acceleration. That would turn some heads, especially if the car looks anything as good as this rendering does.

Dodge eMuscle Concept Rendering

Electric Dodge Charger Challenger Muscle Car 2023 2024
Screenshot via Stellantis.
2024 2023 Dodge Charger Challenger Barracuda Cuda 'Cuda EV Electric Muscle Car Vehicle Tim Kuniskis STLA Large Platform
Screenshot via Stellantis.

Stellantis EV Day Dodge Electric Muscle Car
Screenshot via Stellantis

Electric Dodge Charger Challenger EV Stellantis Teaser Muscle Car

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