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A Recent Prototype Sighting Confirms The Setup

Ford F-150 Electric Lightning EV Tremor 4x4 Pickup truck
Image via Ford.

Ford is busy working on its all-electric Ford F-150 pickup truck, which is set to launch for the 2023 model year and sit alongside the regular model. We’ve seen plenty of photos of Ford’s prototype mule, wearing a previous generation F-150 body, but thanks to some spy shots on Motor 1, we finally see a camouflaged tester of the real deal. While the camo hides most of the details, there are still a number of conclusion we can draw about Ford’s first foray into the emerging EV pickup market.

You can view the photos here.

Most importantly, the photos show the electric Ford F-150, rumored to be called the E-150, will adopt an independent rear suspension setup. This is because the truck will have an electric motor bolted to at least the rear axle, and on the front axle with 4×4 models. There’s also a chance all wheel drive will be standard, as is the case with many other upcoming electric trucks.

In those underbody spy shots, it’s also clear Ford has had to beef up the electric F-150’s frame to cope with the added weight of the battery pack, which will almost certainly reside under the floor like most EVs. The production model will also look far cleaner and smoother underneath, as all the exposed sections aren’t easy on the eyes, or the pickup’s aerodynamics and driving range.

Electric Ford F-150 Teaser Photo Video
Image Via Ford.

As for styling, Ford’s doing a much better job at hiding this truck than the compact Maverick pickup, which has been leaked several times. The electric Ford F-150, whether it’s called E-150 or not, is expected to look fairly similar to the regular truck, asserting that the BEV model sits alongside the rest of the range, not above it. Still, expect different lighting, notably a front light bar, grille and bumper design to differentiate it.

Seeing prototypes out and about in their production body is a good sign for the upcoming electric truck, as it’ll launch later than much of its competition. The GMC Hummer EV, Rivian R1T and Tesla Cybertruck are the key players and should go on sale this year, while the electric Ford F-150 will most likely launch as 2023 model year vehicle. That being said, it’ll cost considerably less than the others, so it might just be worth the wait.

Electric F-150 In The Snow
Image Via Ford.

Written by Sam Krahn

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