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Yes, You Can Own A Supercar Company

Falcon Motors Motorsports F7 Lingenfelter LS7 V8 For Sale
Image Via Falcon Motorsports.

As the world’s governing bodies begin to embrace the electric vehicle, it can seem like a new car company pops up just about every week. Much like things were 100 years ago however, it’s not likely that many of these newcomers will succeed. That is even more true of companies trying to produce boutique supercars aimed at taking on the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini. But what if we told you that you could simply buy someone else’s established supercar company for less than the asking price of most hypercars? Well, someone will have the chance to do just that, as Michigan-based Falcon Motorsports has just been listed for sale. Oh, and the asking price includes a Falcon F7 as a bonus.

Falcon Motorsports was founded back in 2009 by automotive designer and engineer Jeff Lemke. The company didn’t really come onto the scene until 2011 however, when the Falcon F7 made its debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The V8-powered supercar was Lemke’s idea of an American Ferrari competitor, and packed all the goodies one might expect. The Falcon F7 is built on a monocoque chassis, which features aluminum, carbon fiber, and Kevlar construction. It’s mid-engined too, and packs a LS7-derived 7.0L V8 engine making around 620 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque. If you were a madman, you could also spec a Lingenfelter Performance Engineering designed twin-turbo package, which saw output rise to 1,100 horsepower at the wheels. That was enough grunt to send the boutique supercar from 0-60 in just 2.7 seconds, which is ridiculous, even 10 years later.

the Falcon Motorsport car company is up for sale
Image Via Facebook.

Despite being well received by critics at the time, the Falcon F7 was never a commercial success. In fact, Falcon Motorsports only ever built seven of the things. One lucky person will now have a chance to change that however, as the company has been listed on Loopnet for a mere $675,000. That’s a whole car company for the price of 2.5 Ferrari F8 Tributos with no options. The sale includes tons of stuff, such as:

Tools, molds, material lists and other items currently in possession of Falcon will be included with the sale. All logos, slogans, trademarks, copyrights, know-how, processes, trade secrets, formulae, inventions, engineering data, electronic databases, all drawings, license agreements, and all other intellectual and/or proprietary information and property and applications for or licenses of used in connection with the building of the Falcon automobile.

As we mentioned above, the buyer of Falcon Motorsports will also take ownership of the shop’s Falcon F7 supercar, which originally carried an MSRP of $250,000. When you look at it like that, the company itself is even more of a bargain. So if you have ever dreamed of owning your own supercar company, and are prepared to embrace all of the headaches that come along with that, this is your chance. At this price we don’t expect the offer to last long however, so you should probably start looking for those piggy banks.

Boutique Supercar manufacturer Falcon Motorsports is now up for sale. The price includes a Falcon F7 to boot.
Image Via Falcon Motorsports.

Written by Lucas Bell

Lucas holds a journalism degree from Wayne State University, and is a Automotive Press Association scholarship recipient. While an American muscle fan through and through, he once wrote a fascinating comparison review about eScooters.

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