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Up To 32 Degrees (F) Cooler

Ford Bronco Raptor Whipple Intercooler

Whipple Superchargers released an intercooler for the Bronco some time ago, which offers better performance than the regular Bronco. But, as the Raptor has now been added to the product line, Whipple wasn’t going to leave out the apex predator of the off-road SUVs. They’ve just announced their intercooler for the 3.0L EcoBoost engine in the Ford Bronco Raptor, and exact power figures have yet to be released as SVT Performance is currently testing what’s being called the “Mega Cooler.” However, some information is already available.

Ford Bronco Raptor Whipple Intercooler: Details

The Whipple Mega Cooler offers 58% greater internal core volume, a 144% increase in external fin surface, and it’s 12% less restrictive than the stock intercooler core. In addition, the robust, TIG welded bar, and plate intercooler features offset fins on both the cold and hot side, allowing for an increased cooling capacity while fitting into the stock packaging.

Ford Bronco Raptor Whipple Intercooler

Testing that has been done so far shows a 32-degree Fahrenheit drop in temperature just on the Dyno during back-to-back runs, yet even more significant gains are shown during real-world applications. The colder air allows increased spark advance and more O2 to the engine, resulting in more consistent power while maintaining safety. Interestingly, Whipple hasn’t revealed the power numbers they’ve recorded when testing the Bronco Raptor Mega Cooler on the Dyno. So hopefully, we’ll see the numbers shown after SVT Performance tests it or after people start installing it into their BRaptors.

Each Whipple Mega Cooler includes a new Adaptive Cruise Control relocation kit and air duct to increase intercooler performance further. A simple bolt-on installation can be done in the garage and requires no additional modifications. Whipple states on their website that installation can be done in as little as 2.25 hours. Additionally, the price of the Bronco Raptor Mega Cooler is just $900, which is the same as the offering for the regular Bronco. Overall, this is a great way to increase and maintain vehicle performance, especially in hotter environments like the desert.

Ford Bronco Raptor Off-Roadeo

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