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Are We Looking At An Electric F-150 Tremor?

Ford F-150 Electric Lightning EV Tremor 4x4 Pickup truck
Image via Ford.

The Ford F-150 electric (or whatever they call it) isn’t coming until mid-2022, but that isn’t stopping Ford from slowly trickling out some new details on their EV truck. Last month, we got our biggest teaser yet, a shadowy image of the front end that will feature a prominent light bar and diamond pattern grille. Today, Ford isn’t showing more of the final product, but instead an image of a prototype based on the previous generation, 2020 F-150. While we’ve already seen this tester before, it has gained a rather intriguing off-road makeover that hints at an off-road package or model. Perhaps an electric version of the upcoming F-150 Tremor.

The vehicle in question is sporting some aggressive and chunky BF Goodrich off-road tires, a key sign that this is an off-road performance model. Typical EV tires try to maximize range above all else, and these will definitely hinder that. It’s a sign the off-road focused electric F-150 will have it’s priorities focused elsewhere. Similarly, the front air dam has been scrapped in favor of a less aerodynamic, but more aggressive front bumper, complete with a skid plate.

Ford Electric F-150 Transit e-Transit
Image via Ford.

Ford hasn’t said anything else about their images or prototype, but it’s clear they intend to take the F-150 electric off-road. This could be a basic package like the FX4 pack available on the F-150 and Ranger, or it could be more serious. Ford offers the Tremor package on the Ranger and Super Duty, and it’s rumored to make it’s way to the light duty, full size F-150 in the future. The Tremor pack is more oriented to rock crawling and technical off-roading, but is still a great all around tool for a variety of situation. More extreme yet, Ford could offer an electric F-150 Raptor, which will take advantage of the F-150 EVs expectedly high power and torque figures.

But then again, this could be a new package all together. We’ve already seen Ford break out of the Raptor and Tremor nomenclature with the Bronco’s trim levels, and will see them truly make a new off-road performance nameplate with the upcoming Bronco Warthog. The F-150 electric could also get a new sub-model. But at the end of the day, if anything is clear, Ford wants to prove to the Hummer EV that their electric trucks can go off-road as well, while costing less.

Electric Ford F-150 Teaser Photo Video
Image via Ford.


Written by Sam Krahn

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