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With Its EcoBoost Exhaust Note On Full Display

2021 F-150 Raptor Prototype.
Screenshot Via YouTube.

Ever since FCA decided to stuff the Hellcat V8 into the Ram 1500 TRX, off-roading fans have been patiently waiting to see how Ford will respond. The automaker invented this segment with the introduction of the F-150 Raptor, and aren’t likely to accept another company atop their throne. Thanks to the folks at TFL Truck, we now have some new video of the upcoming 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor out testing in the Colorado Rockies.

The truck spotted in the video uploaded by TFL Truck is undoubtedly a 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor prototype, as is made evident by the flared fenders and hidden suspension components. The amount of camouflage attached to the prototype is still making it difficult to highlight specific design elements, though it does appear that this Raptor shares its headlight design with the standard F-150 pickup. As important as styling is, this video lets us get a taste of something even more tasty: the truck’s exhaust note.

You see, there have been reports as of late that suggest that the new F-150 Raptor could be getting more than one powertrain option for 2021. Buyers are said to be able to choose between a new 3.0L EcoBoost V6 hybrid powertrain, or the 760 horsepower 5.2L Predator V8. TFL previously stated that the V6 will be called the “Powerboost HO”, and will arrive with 496 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque. Based on what we can hear in the video, the V6 engine is powering this specific prototype. That makes some sense, considering Ford is reportedly thinking about limiting production figures of the GT500-powered truck. That is something Ram will not do to the Hellcat-powered TRX.

When the F-150 Raptor returns to the off-road segment for the 2021 model year, it is going to be facing off against real competition for the first time in its history. Ram’s decision to bring the horsepower wars to the trails was inevitable, but we can’t wait to see where things go from here.

2021 Ford F-150 Raptor
Screenshots Via YouTube.

Written by Lucas Bell

Lucas holds a journalism degree from Wayne State University, and is a Automotive Press Association scholarship recipient. While an American muscle fan through and through, he once wrote a fascinating comparison review about eScooters.


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  1. Ford can continue the success of the F-150 — but not with a gasoline engine. Rather, it must do it with a hydrogen fuel cell. And if we know anything about the folks that drive the F-150 it is that they are not about to monkey around with charging a battery.

    • They also don’t want to monkey around finding a location to re-fuel with hydrogen. But these buyers also didn’t want to deal with EFI at one point. The segment holds some of the most rigid customers in the industry. και ένα ακόμη, είσαι ο πατέρας του Βαγγέλης;

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