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Ford ‘Scout,’ ‘Bronco Scout’ Trademarks Filed

Will This Be The Name Of The Rumored “Baby Bronco?”

Ford Bronco Maverick Teaser

The Ford Bronco is one  the most anticipated vehicles from the automaker in recent memory, perhaps even more so than the 760 horsepower 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500. It’s an iconic nameplate, and Ford appears to be keeping things to a proper formula: body on frame, off-road oriented, and RWD-based. The new Bronco is expected to compete with the unrivaled JL Jeep Wrangler, the popular Toyota 4Runner, and whatever else is floating around the second-hand market with high residual value these days (there’s no shortage of late-model off-road machines, especially from Japan).

However, Ford Motor Company is also developing another off-road oriented SUV that is being externally referred as the “Baby Bronco.” This vehicle is expected to ride on the same platform as the all-new 2020 Ford Escape, and slot below the body-on-frame Ford Bronco in terms of size, price, and capabilities. The vehicle was officially teased in the image above in 2017, however, leaked photos of the vehicle have surfaced from a dealer meeting in 2018.


On top of that, curious spy photos depicting a new body-on-frame platform capped with the body of an F-150 has the internet scratching its head. In any case, it’s clear that Ford is looking to make moves in the resurgent off-road SUV space with more than just one entry. And that’s something we can all celebrate.

Rumor is that Big Blue plans to offer several “Bronco” sport utility vehicles, initially starting with the 2020 Ford Bronco and a smaller model that will launch shortly after the main vehicle. Today, we bring you news of what we believe will end up being the name of the so-called “Baby Bronco.” Because according to a recent USPTO trademark filing, Ford intends to use the “Bronco Scout” name on a vehicle. Additionally, the Dearborn automaker filed another trademark to simply use the “Scout” name.

The Ford “Scout,” or “Bronco Scout” name is intended to be used for “Land motor vehicles, namely, passenger automobiles, pick-up trucks, sport utility vehicles,” and more, according to the USPTO filing.

Automotive history buffs will recall that the “Scout” name once appeared on the International Harvester Scout back in the 1960’s, which was actually a competitor to the first-generation Ford Bronco. And in military terms, a scout was the role assigned to a person or a unit designated to perform reconnaissance. This role tends to involve surveying the terrain, and other natural elements of unexplored land. That sounds like an appropriate name for an off-road vehicle to us. It’s unlikely that the “Scout” name is simply a trim level to the Ford Bronco, but we suppose anything is possible.

Ford has been officially teasing the Bronco since January 2017.

Written by Manoli Katakis

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