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Finally, An OEM Off-Road Van

Ford Transit Trail Off-Road Van

In the summer of 2020, Ford announced that they would be building a rugged and rough road capable Trail variant for the Transit in Europe. With cladded panels, off-road tires, taller ride height, and front bash plates, these vehicles were designed to operate in tougher working environments, with enhanced traction from a mechanical limited-slip differential on front-wheel-drive Transit, with an option for All-Wheel Drive. However, they weren’t coming to the United States, that is, until now, as MC&T recently discovered a trademark for the Transit Trail name here in the States. Furthermore, sources have told us that we could see a US-Spec Ford Transit Trail debut this year. For those who find the van life appealing, this is the best news you’ll hear all day.

Ford Transit Trail: Details

On April 20, 2022, Ford Motor Company filed for a trademark on the Transit Trail name, which indicates that we will be getting an off-road van from an OEM. Generally, those that wish to buy an off-road Van have to start with a basic van and convert it for off-road use, but that will no longer be the case. The Ford Transit Trail vans in Europe feature exclusive exterior and interior upgrades to ensure that the vehicle is equipped to deliver comfort and capability in challenging conditions without compromising practicality.

Ford Transit Trail

The Ford Transit Trail in Europe features black cladding around the front and rear lower bumpers and side panels. Unique 16-inch allow wheels and “Trail” logos on the front doors, while Transit Trail can also be equipped with roof rails and running boards for added versatility. The Transit Trail with All-Wheel Drive technology has additional Slippery and Mud/Rut Drive Modes to improve performance and driver confidence across various driving scenarios. The system also features AWD Lock mode to split torque 50:50 between the front and rear axles on extreme low-grip surfaces.

The Transit Trail also benefits from an enhanced interior specification, with full leather seating as standard bringing additional luxury and durability to the cabin. The standard air conditioning ensures a comfortable environment whatever the outside weather, and a Quickclear heated windscreen allows for easy departure in freezing conditions. Now that the Transit Trail is coming to the U.S., van-lifers will undoubtedly be stoked to have the opportunity to buy an off-road van straight from the manufacturer instead of from an aftermarket company or building one themselves.

A Ford Transit Trail is bound to make for a superior platform for upfitters who seek to customize the interior of the van to make it livable, with a bed, kitchenette, table, storage, and more. You can’t exactly pack all of that content into a Ford Bronco, so look for this van to attract a completely different set of customer who really wants to spend extended periods of time out in the trails.

Ford Transit Trail

Written by Zac Quinn

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