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Market Research Reveals What State Has Most Jeep Owners, Age, And How Much They Make

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Who really owns a Jeep Wrangler? A lot of people have opinions who that might be. But why trust your own anecdotes when there are statistics? Automotive Market Research from Hedges & Company reveals what states have the most Jeep owners, whether the majority of owners are male or female and whether or not they have kids, they also expose l how much the general Jeep owner makes in a year, the results are somewhat surprising.

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Not all surveys are the same, many are subject to self reporting human error and various sampling miscues. Hedges & Company collected data from the master vehicle owner database of over 175 million vehicles. The margin of error here is slim +/-2.5% with a 95% confidence level according to their website. There are no metrics for the 2022 Jeep Wranglers, these results are as current as 2021 the 2021 model year.

What State Has The Most Jeep Vehicles?

Taking a look at 2007-2018 and 2018-2021 Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited vehicles, Hedges & Company found New York is the state with the most Jeep’s. While you may instantly think of New York and its metropolis of a city, much of the state is actually covered in forest so maybe this makes sense even though it is surprising at first. After New York the next states with the most Jeeps present are Texas, California, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. The state with the most Jeeps per capita though is Oklahoma.

Jeep Wrangler Market Research Map

Are Jeep Owners Male Or Female?

While you can break things down between four and two-door models, The majority of Jeep owners are male, 72 percent of them to be exact. So, the stereotype of them being “chick cars” is only 28 percent accurate.

Household Income Of Jeep Owners?

Despite the Wrangler carrying this utilitarian swagger, the average income of a Jeep owner is six-figures. The average household income among all models sampled came out to $116,748. Most Jeep owners also own their home, only 6% do not. Makes sense then as to why Jeep continues to lean into a more premium image.

Age & Children?

Breaking things down into age groups as well as various Wrangler models (JL, JLU, JK, and JKU) the survey shows over 90% of each model owner has children and most owners are “young” (between 25 and 54). The next biggest age group is 55 to 64. But how many of these young people off-road their Jeeps? Suppose we’ll have to wait for the next study to come out to learn more.

2021 Jeep Wrangler Gladiator Rubicon 392 Hemi V8

Image via Jeep

Written by Cody U.

Cody is a Tennessee-based media professional with a degree in Journalism and Electronic Media. He has spent time as a country radio morning show producer and currently writes for MC&T as an outlet to geek out over cool cars, trucks, and utility vehicles.

Originally from California Cody has an appreciation for all-electric vehicles but a soft spot for the rumble of an all-American V8 muscle car. His dream car remains a 2007 Ford Mustang Bullitt. His fascination with all things cars stems from countless trips to car shows and watching car movies, of course.

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