Bill Ford Jr. Himself Gave A Few Hints Recently On What We Can Expect

2021 Ford F-150

What if we told you that Ford Motor Company had an electric F-150 in the works that could rival the mighty Raptor in terms of speed and acceleration? Or what if we told you that this same Ford truck would offer never-before-seen storage solutions? Based on recent remarks from company Chairman Bill Ford Jr. in a Reuters report, we may likely see just that.

Whether the world is ready for them or not, Ford is going to introduce the first fully electric full-size pickup truck from a mainstream automaker, targeted for around calendar year 2022. General Motors is also rumored to be at work with its own electric truck, but it likely won’t hit the market until after that.

Bill Ford Jr. describes the electric F-150 as a “watershed” moment for the entire automotive industry. He then went on to describe that the EV truck could have load-carrying space under the hood in addition to the traditional bed in the back. A “frunk” if you will – like what’s seen in the C8 Corvette, as well as the Rivian R1T. Of which, Ford has invested $500 million into the startup electric lifestyle truck and SUV company. The R1T pickup truck is smaller than the F-150, but at a base price of over $72,000, it commands a steep premium over the breadwinning Ford.

Rivian R1T

An electric F-150 could also bring value to the job site, Bill Ford Jr. said in the report. For instance, its batteries could function as a type of on-site power source (provided it has enough power left for the return journey). Moreover, its electric output could rival the acceleration of the iconic Ford F-150 Raptor. This could imply that Ford is looking ahead towards the rumored Tesla pickup truck, and looks to beat the California-based EV automaker at its own game.

The Dearborn, Michigan-based company has said it will invest $11.5 billion electrifying its vehicles by 2022, including adding 16 fully electric models. The trick, of course, is getting these vehicles to turn a profit. Considering the lack of success in this area by the entire industry thus far, we won’t count those chickens before they hatch.

However, if it’s profitability and a viable business case that Ford wants from its future EV lineup, its best bet has to be an electric F-150, as the F-Series is the best selling nameplate in America, and continues to be the greatest source of income for the automaker.

Ford F-150 Raptor

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