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Which Variant Will North America Get?

Ford Ranger Wildtrak X

North America is still waiting for the new Ford Ranger to arrive; as Ford is preparing to start production of the next-generation Ford Ranger on our beautiful continent, other countries are well into enjoying it. Australia, where the P703 Ranger was largely developed,  is getting yet another flavor of the midsize truck. The new Ford Ranger Wildtrak X bridges the gap between the regular Wildtrak and the brawny Raptor. Meanwhile, Europe will also get the new Wildtrack X, as well as a new Ford Ranger Tremor.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak X: Details

The new Ford Ranger Wildtrak X trim is touted as a special edition rather than a trim level. It is the first version offering the twin-turbo 2.0L diesel engine with 202 hp and 360 lb-ft paired to a 10-speed automatic. This sends power to a full-time 4WD system instead of the part-time setup. So, perhaps not precisely the Tremor trim, but something that could lead into that trim later down the line. When comparing the Wildtrak X to the non-X Wiltrak, the new Ranger flavor features wider tracks and an extra inch of ground clearance. The truck boasts a “specifically tuned” suspension for long trips and carrying cargo without compromising comfort.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak X

Connecting the truck to the ground is a set of new 17-inch wheels with General Grabber AT3 all-terrain tires wrapped around them. The Ford Ranger Wildtrak X also features Bilstein dampers, a unique front grille with auxiliary LEDs, cast aluminum side steps, and black badges. It also has a Trail Control system, essentially cruise control for off-road traveling at speeds 20 mph or below. Ford has also added Rock Crawl mode to maximize grip in tough off-road conditions while the truck is in low-range 4WD mode.

The Wildtrak X Ford Ranger special edition is available in an exclusive Cyber Orange paint. It has matrix LED headlights, a sliding load rack, a folding roof rack, and an overhead auxiliary switch bank to power aftermarket accessories. Upgrades over the non-X model include the B&O sound system and the 12.4-inch digital instrument cluster. The Ford Ranger Wildtrak X kicks off at the equivalent of nearly $51,000 USD and will reach the showroom in the second half of the year. It’s around this time that Ford will begin producing the USA-Canada spec Ranger out of the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan, where the Ford Bronco is also built.

2023 Ford Ranger XLT Tremor
Image via Ford

New Ford Ranger Tremor: Details

The new Ford Ranger Tremor for the European market is not a trim level, like it’s been here, but a package based on the XLT trim. However, it blends some of the more upmarket hardware and technology from the Ranger Wildtrack X. This includes revised suspension geometry, a wider track, and flared fenders. Also distinguishing the new Ford Ranger Tremor is a long-leg tubular sports bar around the bed and cast aluminum side steps. Exterior accents have also been darkened, and there’s a set of exposed twin front tow hooks. The interior of the new Tremor features a water-resistant vinyl trim to the seats and floor. An optional, pre-wired overhead switch pack with six inputs is also there to control all of the auxiliary gear such as a remote-controlled winch and an off-road light bar, should the customer choose to accessorize (and they will).

The Ranger Wildtrak X and Tremor are bopth available to order now in Europe. Deliveries across the continent are expected to begin this August.

Also debuting with these two new Ford Ranger variants is what’s being called a Flexible Rack System. It features a folding roof rack and adjustable sliding rear load hoop, allowing for long items to be carried above the roof rather than wedged between the tailgate and cab, improving load security and freeing up bed space. The new Flexible Rack System will also be available as an option for Ranger Limited and Wildtrak series from March 2023. Hopefully us Yankees can get this feature, too.

Image via Ford.
Ford Ranger Wildtrack X Europe Tremor Flexible Rack System
Image via Ford

Written by Zac Quinn

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