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The One Photographed Is Believed To Be The Medium-Output “440” Model

Pre-production Dodge Charger Daytona 440

Since Dodge ended production for the Charger and Challenger last year, the brand is now down to just two vehicle offerings: the Hornet and the Durango. In just a month, the brand will debut the production version of its all-electric replacement for its beloved muscle car, the Dodge Charger Daytona. Since the announcement that it’ll be arriving this fall, the vehicle has been sighted around Michigan, and it seems the car has once again been spotted.

Pre-production Dodge Charger Daytona “440”: Details

According to Mopar Insiders, a new video was posted to Facebook by Anthony Carter showcasing what appears to be the same Charger Daytona seen on public roads near Stellantis North America Headquarters in Auburn Hill, Michigan, but this time, we get some new angles of the car and it appears that the car spotted is not the base 340 Daytona, but instead the other 400-volt architecture offering, what could be called the Daytona 440. Looking at the rims of the car and comparing them to the SEMA Show in 2022, where Dodge showed off one of the higher-performance Direct Connection eStage renderings, one can see that the wheels are the same.

Dodge Charger Challenger EV Electric STLA Large CES 2023 Muscle Car
The electric future of Dodge’s muscle cars have been previewed several times.

If you didn’t know, the Dodge Charger Daytona 440 will have a standard output of 440 kW, which comes to about 590 horsepower. That power can be upgraded with Direction Conection’s eStage upgrades, which can boost the car’s power to either 470 kW (630 HP) with the Stage I crystal or 500 kW (670 HP) with the Stage II crystal.

The images also reveal the car’s battery pack as the pre-production car appears to be missing side skirts on the passenger side. That can give us a basic indication regarding the ground clearance the car will have, an important consideration when driving into angled driveways or over speed bumps. The car’s “hatch” is ajar, offering a decent glimpse of how the lid works and a reminder that this isn’t your typical two-door muscle car if the batteries weren’t a dead giveaway. This charger also appears to have an optional glass roof, which is coming to the production model.

Pre-production Dodge Charger Daytona 440

Written by Zac Quinn

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  1. What Stellantis completely “fails” to understand there are millions of muscle car “enthusiasts” that just simply DON’T WANT AN EV of any kind. Me included, as I will never buy an EV. I don’t care how much power it has as they are missing the point.

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