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It Turns Out The T-Rex Was A Flying Dinosaur

Ram TRX Jump
Screenshot via YouTube

The Ram TRX is one of, if not the wildest production off-road vehicle the world has ever seen. From its standout 702 hp Hellcat V8, to it’s trick suspension and off-road tech, there’s really nothing like it on the roads until Ford drops the Predator V8 in the F-150 Raptor. And now that the first customer deliveries of the TRX are underway, we are starting to see how the public is using their insane pickup. Unsurprisingly, some are taking the TRX’s very credible off-road performance a bit too far, as evidenced in a recent StreetSpeed717 video.

The popular YouTuber recently took delivery of his blacked out 2021 Ram TRX, and has big plans to share with his audience. First up was getting some air, something the TRX was actually designed to do. Ram gave their Hellcat truck a feature called Jump Detection, which acts milliseconds to prepare for a landing and reduce the chance of damage. When the truck detects it’s airborne, it modifies the engine speed, torque, gear selection, differential, dampers and suspension through the air and landing of a jump.

Screenshot via YouTube

What the system can’t do is change much from happening when a vehicle weighing north of 6,000 lbs is launched off a ledge at around 40 mph before landing on the front left wheel alone.

We’ve all seen photos of the TRX jumping from Ram themselves, but that’s in a highly controlled environment with a stable ramp and landing zone. The muddy, grassy path leading up to a small ledge this TRX was launched from is nothing of the sort, and sending it with such confidence is, well, confident at best.

Screenshot via YouTube

It looks like the ramp sent the Ram TRX higher than anyone in the video expected, so the rough landing probably wasn’t in the plans either. The truck came crashing down on the front right wheel alone, pictured above, and you can see the entire truck twist and contort on the landing. It’s a cringe-worthy moment.

But shockingly, the TRX escapes the battle largely unharmed, visually at least. The truck has some front cosmetic damage, but appears to drive fine in the rest of the video, which includes some donuts in a grassy field, giving us a chance to hear the mighty V8 under the hood. Still, there’s a good chance the frame is bent for good, and there could be some serious problems down the road.

You probably shouldn’t launch any road vehicle off a jump like this, even one as capable as the Ram TRX. But there’s no denying it made for an impressive spectacle, and we’re sure that’s what the YouTuber’s ultimate goal was from the stunt.

Written by Sam Krahn

Sam graduated with a communications Degree from Wayne State University, where he was also a member of the swim team. He's interested to see how new technology will affect the American performance vehicle landscape.

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