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Carbon Fiber Accents And A Hellephant Engine

Ringbrothers TUSK 1969 Dodge Charger

The Ringbrothers are known for their epic American muscle car restorations; the newest creation is no exception. It brings back the 1969 Dodge Charger with extra design and performance tweaks to put it on anyone’s dream car list. Nicknamed the “Tusk,” this particular Dodge Charger uses the legendary Mopar Hellephant engine, sending over 1,000 ponies to the rear wheels.

Ringbrothers 1969 Dodge Charger Tusk: Details

Jim and Mike Ring meticulously engineered the 1969 Dodge Charger Tusk to merge timeless design with cutting-edge performance. The limited edition Mopar Hellephant engine has been mated to a six-speed Bowler Tremec T-56 Magnum manual transmission. That sends power to a bespoke carbon-fiber driveshaft, which gives the rear wheels plenty of energy to launch this beast of a muscle car off the line.

Ringbrothers TUSK 1969 Dodge Charger

As for the overall design of the Tusk, the classic Dodge Charger body shape is complimented with a carbon-fiber front section, a custom hood featuring machined billet scoop grilles, and unique front and rear bumpers. The car receives an enhancement to its aggressive posture thanks to the narrowed bumpers along with a custom-designed underbody panel and reshaped rear quarter-end caps. On the inside, the Tusk, sits in the lap of modern luxury, with an entirely custom leather interior, carbon-fiber console, and the fantastic “pistol grip” shifter, further accentuating the ‘Merica-based car.

Once again, Ringbrothers attention to detail shines with Tusk Edition HRE Wheels, Fox RS SV coilovers, and Baer Brakes Extreme 6S six-piston calipers, all contributing to the car’s glorious appearance. We can’t wait to see what the next project to come from the Ringbrothers garage is going to be; whatever it is, it should be pretty clear by now that it’s going to be epic, and of course, if it has a Hellephant engine under the hood, we know no one is about to complain; especially as the Hemi engines will be exclusively for builds like this one starting next year, which will make them all that more special.

Ringbrothers TUSK 1969 Dodge Charger

Written by Zac Quinn

Zac's love for cars started at a young age, after seeing the popular Eleanor from Gone In 60 Seconds. From there, fascination and enthusiasm blossomed and to this day the Ford Mustang remains a favorite. His first job started out detailing cars, but also provided the opportunity to work on restoration including an 1968 Ford Mustang, Pontiac Firebird, and a C3 Corvette, though he left that job before further work and experience could be had. From there, he was a detailer at a car dealership before quitting that job to try and finish college.

Much of his free time while studying was spent watching YouTube videos regarding new cars, or off-roading. 4WD247 is a personal favorite channel which rekindled a dying flame in car enthusiasm, now tailored towards trucks and SUVs and the fun that can be had building up an overlanding rig, and going on adventures, though, that chapter remains unwritten for the time being.

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