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Is A New Era Of Car Customization Coming From Rivian?

Rivian R1T R1S Wrap
Photo via Rivian

Vinyl wraps have been rising in popularity over the past few years. They offer an easy way to give your car a completely different look than it left the factory with, without the permanent nature of a repaint. In addition to the aftermarket, they are used by automakers to camouflage development prototypes on the road, leading many automakers to experiment with signature patterns in recent years. But for now, wraps have been limited to those two main categories. Rivian, however, may be this first to combine the aftermarket and OEM uses for vinyl wraps on their electric R1T pickup and R1S SUV.

A recent Tweet by the startup EV manufacturer hinted at the idea that they may offer their fun, experimental camo patterns as a factory wrap option in the future. First, Rivian Tweeted out the above images of their R1T pickup in front of El Capitan with a cool geometric gray, black and white wrap that pays tribute to the iconic mountain.

The next Tweet, below, is where things get really interesting. One fan commented on the post, saying they love the design and asked if it is an option. Rivian replied saying, “This R1T is featured in a factory wrap that’s not available quite yet but keep an eye out for more ways to customize the R1 in the future!”

While this doesn’t explicitly say Rivian will offer the R1T and R1S with factory wrap options, their previous designs have attracted a similar positive reaction from fans. Still, saying it’s “not quite available yet” is as good as saying it’s coming soon, and hinting at more customization options does the same, and Rivian’s previous wrap designs could be a hint as to what’s in the pipeline. Other designs have included a white wrap with nature and outdoor activity inspired black drawings, and a black and white wrap with camping images they let kids color in.

Rivian already has a great color lineup on the R1T and R1S, and wraps will be one of the first automaker forays into offering more than just colors or stripes. These designs could come from the factory over the color of your choice, so owners can go back to a solid color whenever they feel like it. Rivian could also offer wraps aftermarket, allowing existing customers a way to keep their car fresh and exciting over years of ownership.

Photo via Rivian

Written by Sam Krahn

Sam graduated with a communications Degree from Wayne State University, where he was also a member of the swim team. He's interested to see how new technology will affect the American performance vehicle landscape.

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