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At Least According To These Renders

GMC Hummer EV Design Sketch Sport Lunar Military Theme
Image via GM Design Instagram

Reception of the GMC Hummer EV’s design has been positive, to say the least. It captures all of the hallmark design traits of where Hummer came from, while simultaneously pushing it into the future. But according to some design renderings General Motors Design posted on their Instagram, the design could have been much different, and strayed from the traditional Hummer look. Crucially, the Hummer EV may not have had the signature slotted grille.

In most car design processes, designers draft a number of sketches and renderings before narrowing it down to one central idea. This means there are many alternate paths the vehicle could have taken, and this is one of them. The rendering plays around with significantly more angles and  tight corners than the final design, which uses mainly 90 degree angles throughout. This is most visible in the front end.

Here, the rendering forgoes the slotted grille for a black area housing the Hummer logo. Other graphics stretch upwards and outwards from the grille, before forming a tight pinch at the top of the fenders. Here, a slim headlight is housed high on the flanks with another opening connecting the two units. Given how slender these are, it’s likely they would have ended up being the DRLs and turn signals. The main high and low beams are probably the quad lights lower on the bumper. Overall, the front end has many more pinches and creases than the Hummer EV ended up with.

This theme continues around the side, where the C-pillar ends in another tight angle. There’s also a massive hole behind the rear door, possibly an air intake, although it’s unclear why that would be needed there for an electric vehicle. But this is just a rendering, after all, and car designers like to have a little fun with their sketches. Interestingly, though, a very similar shape was shrunken down and appears on the rear wheel arch.

While there’s nothing wrong with this design, removing the slotted grille distances it from Hummers of the past. The Hummer EV, despite not being a grille at all, carries the signature design element into a new era with the trendy light bar. Small detail you might not have noticed, though: Hummers of the mid-2000s had seven bar grilles, but the new Hummer EV has six to fit the Hummer logo. At least they won’t piss off Jeep now.

Hummer EV

Written by Sam Krahn

Sam graduated with a communications Degree from Wayne State University, where he was also a member of the swim team. He's interested to see how new technology will affect the American performance vehicle landscape.

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