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The Perfect Platform To Build On

AEV Prospector XL Cab Chassis

While the AEV Prospector XL Tray Bed is a complete build based on the Ram HD truck, some customers wish to have only some of the rig built for them and want to customize the vehicle to suit their needs. That’s why AEV has also released the Prospector XL Cab Chassis, a turn-key solution for customers looking to build the ultimate expedition truck and want a proven, reliable platform to build on.

AEV Prospector XL Cab Chassis: Details

These trucks aren’t just tailored for adventure travelers; they are also an exceptional platform for agencies needing a high floatation, commercial workhorse. All of the AEV components used in these conversions are designed and engineered to work seamlessly with each other, making this an incredibly functional and reliable chassis that works well both off-road and over the road. There are no air lines to contend with, no hydraulic fitting to leak, and no gimmicks or high-maintenance equipment- just a proven reliable, and capable formula.

Customers can choose from either the 5500 conversion or the 3500 conversion. Starting with the Prospector XL 5500 Cab Chassis, standard content includes:
AEV Front Bumper
AEV HighMark Front Fender Flares
AEV 2″ Suspension Lift (Front)
AEV Speedometer Recalibration
AEV Embroidered Headrests
AEV Branding Package

Available Options Include:
AEV Brush Guard
ComeUp 16.5 Winch
1″ Rear Block Lift
AEV Intercooler Skid Plate
AEV 7000 Series Off-Road Light Kit
AEV Snorkel
AEV Splash guards
Retractable Side Steps (Crew Cab Only)
Full-Size Spare
Wheels & Tires
AEV Interior Upgrades
AEV Paint Appearance Package

AEV Prospector XL Cab Chassis

The starting price for the Prospector XL 5500 Cab Chassis is $10,199, which is cheaper than that of the 3500 conversion, which starts at $15,999. Customers that opt for the 3500 conversion will get some additional standard equipment for the added price, including:
AEV Front Bumper
AEV HighMark Front Fender Flares
AEV 3″ Suspension Lift (Front)
AEV/PSC Hydro Assist Steering
AEV Speedometer Recalibration
AEV 17×10 Katla Wheels
41×14.50R17 IROK Radial M/T Tires (LRD) (37″ Tires also available)
AEV Embroidered Headrests
AEV Branding Package

As far as available options go, almost everything is the same, except the 1″ Rear Block Lift is not available for the 3500 conversions. So if you’re interested in purchasing one, the first step is to contact AEV, where experts will help you determine the best chassis and options for your intended use. From there, the truck will be ordered through a Commercial Ram Dealership and built at the Ram production plant; it will then be delivered to AEV for the Prospector XL conversion. Once the build is complete, they will ship it directly to you or your chosen upfitter.

AEV Prospector XL Cab Chassis

Written by Zac Quinn

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