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The Charger DC Kits Are Still On The Way

2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock USA America Muscle Car
Image Via Dodge.

Following the launch of Dodge Direct Connection and Dodge Power Brokers, fans had plenty of reason to get excited with the imminent availability of DC Stage Kits that would push the performance threshold of their muscle cars to new heights. But, with the combination of supply shortages and government regulation, things got delayed, and it was hard to tell when or even if the Dodge-engineered stage kits would be available. But now, a recent statement from Dodge reveals that the EPA has finally certified the mods for purchase and installation, at least for the Dodge Challenger.

Dodge recently released a statement confirming that the Challenger Stage Kits are now available through the DC Performance website, along with units being shipped to Dodge Power Broker-dealers. That said, owners of the Dodge Charger will still be waiting as stage kits aren’t yet available for the car. However, Dodge stated that more information regarding the Charger kits could be expected to arrive later.

Pricing for the Dodge Challenger DC Stage Kits range from $895 USD to $1,195 USD.

Dodge Direct Connection Tuner Controller
Image via Dodge


Dodge Challenger Direct Connection Stage Kit: Details

Through Direct Connection, Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye customers can upgrade their muscle car to an astonishing 885 horsepower via a Stage II kit, which is factory warranty-backed. Meaning you shouldn’t have the same problem from installing a mod that causes engine problems. The Stage I Kit for the “regular” SRT Hellcat bumps power up to 757 ponies on high-octane. None of these kits require changes to engine internals or anything overly burdensome. The basics include an OBD-II tune, a performance air filter, a low-temp thermostat, and a 3.17-inch “Hellephant” engine pulley.

We can also expect to see some stage kits available for Dodge’s next generation of muscle cars. Luckily, since those will be Electric Vehicles, we shouldn’t see any EPA setbacks on the kits. So, despite Dodge removing the Hellcat engine, they still intend on supporting fans and their ambitions to get even more power from their machines.

Dodge Direct Connection Power Brokers Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Mopar Drag Pak
Image via Dodge

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