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A Preview Of What Chinese Customers Can Expect

Buick Electra-X Concept Corvette electric SUV
Image via Buick.

There was considerable concern rising after the 2021 virtual Consumer Electronics Show presentation, where we got a glimpse at some of the upcoming electric vehicles General Motors has been working on. More specifically, one of the SUVs with a similar headlight design to the C8 Corvette caught people’s attention. But we can rest easy knowing that it’s not an electric Corvette SUV, but a Buick. The Buick Electra-X Concept is an electric Coupe-Crossover that will be for China.

Buick Electra-X Concept: Not A Corvette SUV

The Electra-X sports Buick features a new tri-shield badge, which sits on a newly designed front end. The design of this Buick SUV describes it as a “shark-nose” that leans forward and integrates a new trapezoidal grille. Indeed, very akin to the Corvette, and just as well to the low-roof Buick Wildcat concept that was also revealed. The forward section is finished with high-mounted check-mark-style headlights. On the edges of the grille, the headlights are complemented by aviation-inspired lamps, which will be a signature of Buick designs in the future. The lights also dance when you approach the vehicle as a greeting animation. The Buick Electra-X can also project information for added pedestrian protection at the side and rear.

Buick Electra-X Concept Interior

While Buick calls the Electra-X an SUV, it features coupe-like proportions and a low profile to highlight the EV’s athletic character. Which, if there were to be a Corvette SUV, it would probably take on the same profile. In addition, 21-inch wheels further enhance the car’s look and are aerodynamically optimized. On the inside, the EV features four seats set up for maximum comfort with wraparound glass and a panoramic sunroof to make the car feel more spacious. The seats are upholstered in a 3D knit fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

The Buick Electra-X is as much a tech showcase as it is a design showcase. Slim air vents are integrated into the instrument panel, and the concept features what Buick is calling a Virtual Cockpit System. It features a 30-inch freeform display that produces images with 6K resolution and can reflect a billion colors. It also has a pixel density that approaches the human eye’s limit.

All that said, a Corvette SUV is still expected. It’s just not this.

Buick Electra-X Concept

Electric Corvette EV C9 SUV GM Concept Vehicles General Motors CES EV Electric Vehicle Vehicles
Screenshot Via GM.

Written by Zac Quinn

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