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“The Holidays Came Early For A Few Astute Corvette Fans”

Corvette E-Ray Leak

Even as the Z06 is just reaching customers, Chevrolet already has the next Corvette loaded into the chamber. Soon, the world will officially say “hello” to the 2024 C8 Corvette E-Ray: a hybrid, all-wheel drive supercar that GM has been not-so-subtly teasing over the past year or so. MC&T exclusively reported all of the details on the E-Ray back in the summer of 2021, and recently, an online configurator leak confirms much of our details.

Corvette E-Ray Leak: Details

According to Corvette Blogger, the first visualizer renderings show the same Z06 widebody. However, all of the trim is in body color. Additionally, the E-Ray name appears on the lower rear quarter panel, and we can see that the car also has the outboard corner-mounted exhaust. The Corvette E-Ray model will have a ZER Performance Package, though it still needs to be clarified what all that will include. Visible underside strakes on the car are noticeable when the ZER package is selected. There is also the opportunity to select the painted and Visible Carbon Fiber Wheels. As for the wheel designs, there are four 5-spoke aluminum wheels and three carbon fiber designs to choose from.

Chevrolet has confirmed to the outlet that these C8 Corvette E-Ray details are authentic.

Corvette E-Ray Leak

Unfortunately, yet unsurprisingly, the link for the E-Ray Visualizer has been taken down. Chevrolet released an official statement saying it “looks like the holidays came early for a few astute Corvette fans.” Amongst the photos people have taken of the visualizer, one stands out above the rest as it shows the ReGen on Demand button that allows the regenerative brake system to capture the energy produced when braking and convert it back into charging the batteries. Regen On Demand allows the driver to brake without using the brake pedal as it’s engaged whenever the accelerator pedal is released, which is why it’s also known as “one-pedal driving.”

The other button on display beside the ReGen on Demand is an Auto Start-Stop Button, which indicates that the LT2 shuts down when the car is stopped and then restarts as you release the brake. We can’t guarantee many would want that feature on something like the Corvette, but hearing the exhaust note as the engine kicks back on at stop lights should be fun.

Corvette E-Ray Leak

C8 Corvette E-Ray: What To Expect

The upcoming Corvette E-Ray hybrid will share a lot of visual similarities with the C8 Z06, in that it will share the same widened body style, and similar front fascia. However, it will differentiate itself from the Ferrari-fighting variant with unique wheels, and will not feature a center exhaust outlet in the rear, at all. The C8 Corvette hybrid will also refrain from seeing any Z07-esque performance upgrades, such as the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tire, or a high-downforce rear wing. Instead, the E-Ray will keep the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 and Pilot Sport 4S tires found on Stingray. Being that this Corvette hybrid will share the same wide body as the Z06, the tires are substantially meatier, measuring 275/30R20 in front, and 345/25R21 in the rear.

The market positioning of the C8 Corvette E-Ray appears to be more of a grand tourer; blending low-speed silence and gliding ride quality with the widebody looks of the Z06. But the E-Ray will have a 6.2L LT2 V8 under the hood, like the Stingray. This engine will continue to deliver 490-495 horsepower, but with the assistance of a small battery pack and motors, total output is expected to be closer to 650 horsepower. With a pair of electric motors powering the front wheels, the E-Ray will be the first production Corvette to incorporate all-wheel-drive into its design, and the first hybrid Corvette. The Tremec 8-speed transmission remains the only way to shift the gears. With the aid of electric torque up front and AWD grip, 0-60 times are anticipated to be the quickest in Corvette history.

The E-Ray will be sold in global markets, as it will be built in both LHD and RHD configurations, as seen with the Stingray. MC&T first confirmed this detail in August of 2021, well before anybody else.

V8 Hybrid Powertrain: Exclusive Details

The C8 Corvette E-Ray will run a battery pack through the “spine” of the chassis, which is mostly hollow in the Stingray variant. That’s been previously reported, but here is what hasn’t: the drivetrain will incorporate a fully electronic front axle, which was described to us as an “e-booster”. The setup is expected to allow for low-speed zero-emissions driving, up to around 25-35 miles per hour, per sources. We’ve seen similar setups in a particular car: the 986 hp Ferrari S90 Stradale, priced from $625,000 USD.

No, the E-Ray isn’t going to directly compete with the Ferrari SF90 Stradale in power or price. We’ll leave that to the finale of the C8 lineage: the future Corvette Zora, which reportedly targets 1,000 horsepower, and also utilizes electrification with all-wheel-drive.

2024 C8 Corvette E-Ray Hybrid Supercar Chevrolet General Motors Electric eAxle

Written by Zac Quinn

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