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High-Center Exhaust Pipes, A V12 Engine, And Spaceship Sheet Metal Make Up This Wild Rendering

Competition Carbon C8 Corvette C120R

Competition Carbon, an aftermarket company that specializes in Corvettes and Lamborghinis, has released renderings that turn a current Chevrolet C8 Corvette Stingray into a vehicle that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. Their wild custom creation is expected to be unveiled at SEMA 2022. Dubbed the C120R, this imagined hypercar consists of an intricate body kit that completely transforms the vehicle’s appearance.

Competition Carbon C120R: Details

CarScoops has shed light on the aftermarket company’s plans regarding renderings that they had uploaded to their Instagram page, which showcases a car they dubbed the C120R. The name is a nod towards Cadillac’s 120th anniversary next year. The renderings immediately draw the attention with the sharp front fascia that includes vertical LED daytime running lights and a carbon-fiber splitter. The body consists of angular air intakes and sports a distinctive hood with massive air vents for aerodynamics and air in cooling. It appears that the doors and roof remains unchanged with the rendering, but beyond that, there is very little that resembles a C8 Corvette. If we squint a little, we see a little bit of Cadillac Cien.

Competition Carbon C8 Corvette C120R


The sides of Competition Carbon‘s C120R features unique front wheel arches above aftermarket wheels along with extended side skirts for the car that replace the Corvette’s standard side air intakes. There are two separate variants of the rendering, one with a giant roof scoop intended to help with downforce and cooling and one without. At the back of the vehicle, two great flying buttresses sit over the squared-off rear quarter panels. A hydraulic adjustable rear wing, quad tailpipes, and vertical LED taillights are also positioned on the rear. Lastly, a carbon fiber diffuser is also visible within the renderings, which compliments the side skirting.

The plans on using SLA resin and 3D printing to bring the Competition Carbon C120R build to life. They are also working to fit a V12 engine into the car, but may not achieve that feat until SEMA 2023. But we have yet to find a functioning C8 Corvette Stingray out there that’s operating with anything other than its LT2 V8 engine, so we wish them luck.


Competition Carbon C8 Corvette 2022 SEMA Show C120R Rendering

Written by Zac Quinn

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